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Google Pay Goes Live Today with App Release and Rebranding

Google Pay, the rebranded merging of Google Wallet and Android Pay, is going live today.  With a new app rolling out and a rebranding of another… wait, I thought there was only going to be one app?  Yeah… we’ll get there.

First, Google Pay is the rebranding of Android Pay and that app is going live in the Play Store today according to the company’s blog.  If you have Android Pay installed on your phone, you will get an OTA update to the new app over the course of the next few days.  Regardless of which one you have installed right now, you can still go and use it.  This, to an extent, is a rebranding exercise at this point.

Google Wallet Gets A Web Facelift

If you thought that Android Pay had killed off Google Wallet, think again.  Google has just rolled out an update web portal for the person-to-person payment service along with a refreshed Android app.  The update brings a completely refreshed website for Wallet that is Material Design in nature and intuitive on sending or receiving funds from others.  The app update mirrors this new look of the portal and it, as before, is simple to use.  The app is certainly faster than the website and has some added security features like requiring a PIN to get into it.  However, if you don’t have your phone handy, you now have an easy way to send or receive funds using the service.

Google Wallet Update Brings Automatic Bank Transfers

Google Wallet isn’t dead and, in fact, has just received a pretty nice update.  The update that is rolling out in the Play Store now allows you to have funds you receive in your wallet to be automatically transferred to your bank account.  This new feature is far faster than the cash out process that use to be your only option in the app.  Now, once you have an account associated with Google Wallet, any time you receive funds, you can have them go to your bank account and be there usually within 2-3 days (your mileage will vary based on your bank).

Google Wallet Officially Kills Their Physical Card

File this one under “Not Shocked”.  Google Wallet sent out an email to users today letting them know that as of June 30th of this year, the physical card associated with the service will no longer be supported.

After careful consideration, we’ve decided that we’ll no longer support the Wallet Card as of June 30. Moving forward, we want to focus on making it easier than ever to send and receive money with the Google Wallet app.

Given all of the changes that have been made by Google on payments and money transfers with Wallet and with Android Pay, the news was somewhat expected and had been rumored over the course of the past week.

Google Wallet Adds Sending Funds Using SMS Support

In the latest update to Google Wallet, you now have the ability to send money to friends and family via their email address or SMS.  The update, which is in the Google Play Store and rolling out now, adds a key functionality to the app which by-and-large was replaced by Android Pay back in September.  Wallet is now more focused on sending and receiving funds from individuals while Android Pay is focused on the retail point of purchase.

The update to Google Wallet is version 12.0 for those keeping score at home and is designed for Android phones.  Prior to this update, the person you were sending funds to had to have an email address.  You can still send funds that way if you want but if you only have someone’s mobile number, you can simply send them the funds to that number.

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Google Wallet Now Supports Multiple Bank Accounts

While much of the tap-and-pay focus in Android has been on Android Pay, that doesn’t mean that Google has given up on Google Wallet.  While the latter app has morphed into more of a send a payment to a friend app, Google continues to work on it and add new features.  The latest update that was released yesterday, version 11.0-R234-v13 for those keeping score at home, gives you the ability to add multiple bank accounts to the app.  It is a nice addition that comes with other improvements to the app.

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Google Releases All New Google Wallet for Android

It is pretty much a given that Android Pay is just days away and Google continues to prepare apps and devices for that eventuality.  The latest is a completely new Google Wallet app for Android phones and tablets.  Now to be clear, this is a completely new and separate build of Google Wallet that is available today – and is still available.  That’s right, if you use the link below to download Google Wallet you will have this new build and the old Google Wallet app.  Why would Google do this?  Think Android Pay.

Confused?  Don’t be.  Let me explain.

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Google Wallet Update Makes Finding Transactions Easier

Google’s payment app, Google Wallet, has received an update that should make life a bit easier for heavy users of the app.  The latest update, build 9.0-R206-v14 for those keeping score at home, makes finding your transactions much easier than before and getting details about those transactions.  It’s all part of a much improved search feature inside the app in an effort to give you transaction details.

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