Instagram Testing Multiple User Account Support

One of the key features that has been missing from Instagram for, well really forever, has been the ability to log into multiple accounts.  For individual users, that may be no big deal. But for those of us who have a personal account and a corporate account for example, you are constantly having to log into one account then to the other.  It is a bit of a time suck and when you are in a hurry, undoubtedly you enter in your password wrong.

There seems to be light at the end of this particular tunnel.  Over the weekend, Instagram started rolling out a beta version of their Android app that allows you to sign into multiple accounts in the app at once.  Once you have your accounts in the app, you simply toggle between them much like you can do with the Twitter app for Android today.  This new feature is in beta so it isn’t something everyone can go download but after the break I outline how to get in on the action.

Instagram Multiple Account Support is in Beta

This new feature is in beta currently so the main production app for the social photo sharing app will not support it.  To sign up for the beta, go to this Google Group and sign up.  Then you will

Instagram for Android

Instagram for Android

need to follow the instructions on how to download the beta build and get playing with it.  Remember, the key word is beta so you may run into a bug or two and this new feature could well be one of the bugs.  Patience is key.

Once you have the beta build of the app Adobe will still need to enable this feature for you on the cloud side of the service.  That could mean that even though you have the beta software, it could be a day or two before the feature shows up.  Ultimately use the group to get support if you need it.

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