Chromecast App Adds Offers Page To Find Specials

Google has rolled out another update to the Chromecast app for Android phones and tablets that brings a new Offers page off the menu.  The updated version is 1.13.13 for those keeping score at home and has been published to the Google Play Store.  That means that if you have the app already installed on one of your Android devices, you should see the OTA update at any point now.

Functionally you are not going to see much difference between this update and the previous version except this new Offers page.  As you may know, when you buy a Chromecast (and they are on sale – 2 for $55 & $20 in Google Play Store credits) you will receive various offers from Google and other companies that you can use with it.  These offers vary from time to time (generally every quarter they change a little bit) and range from free movies to trials of services (like Google Play Music).  Previously finding these offers was tricky and the fastest way I found was by going to the Offers website – not exactly handy while you are on-the-go.  Now all you do is tap the menu button in the upper left corner and tap on Offers.  There you will see all of the current offers available and you can tap on any one of them to get the details or to sign up.

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Chromecast Offers A Great Way To Try Something New

If you have been thinking about trying the new Google Play Music Unlimited plan or Spotify, the offers are a great way for you to do it without any financial commitment yet.  In the case of Google

Chromecast App Offers

Chromecast App Offers

Play Music, you can try it free for 90 days and see if you like the service.  After that you are billed $9.99 per month (which also gets you YouTube Red (YouTube’s ad-free service) and YouTube Music.  The same goes for Spotify Premium where you can try it for 90 days too.

As you would expect, not all offers are available globally and will vary from region to region.  Also, there may be regions where these offers are not viable due to local laws.  The bottom line though is that if you have these offers available to you, finding them in the Chromecast app is a lot easier with this update.

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