Instagram App Now Supports Multiple Accounts

The photos and video social sharing app Instagram has a new update rolling to the Google Play Store that is bringing support for multiple user accounts.  The new feature is something that the company has been testing the past few months and is one of the most requested features of the app.  Currently, if you have multiple account, you have to manually log in and out of each account in the app each time you want to switch from one to another.  This is not difficult but it can be a lengthy process when you are on-the-go.  As more corporations are leveraging Instagram to reach their customers and prospects, this became even more of an issue with those account managers having to continually switch between multiple accounts or their work and personal accounts.

That’s now changing and while the back end process for the update is all done, the app update is just now rolling out to users.


Once the update is received, there won’t be anything special you need to do to switch accounts.  Once you have your credentials for the accounts into the app, you can simply switch back and forth between them by tapping on the user name at the top of the app.  Instagram has made it very visible which account you are using at any given time so you can avoid accidentally posting in the

Instagram for Android

Instagram for Android

wrong account.  If you only have one account then you will see your user name at the top of the app as well but tapping it will just allow you to add another account to the app.

The update will come to users via an OTA and it make be a day or two before you actually see it hit your device.

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