Google Photos Update Brings Commenting to Shared Albums

Google has pushed out an exciting new feature for Google Photos:  Commenting on shared albums.  This has been a much requested feature of the photo service and the good news is it is coming to Android, iOS and Web all at the same time.  Now when you share an album, you can allow those you share with to add comments to those photos in the album.  It is a great way for friends and family to share their thoughts about the latest photos from your holiday or the kids.

In a post on Google+, the Photos team announced that a new smart suggestion feature has been enabled for you to get suggestions on photos to share to an album you have joined.

New Albums View in Google Photos

Google Photos for Android

Plus, to make it easier to add your own photos to a received shared album, you’ll now see smart suggestions for the right photos to add. No more searching for photos from last weekend’s birthday party and picking out the perfect ones – now you can add your best photos from the event in one tap.

All-in-all, these features are great to see and certainly will bring more focus to the sharing ability of Google’s photo service.  The better news, is most of this change is happening on the back end.  If you have the Android version 1.20 or iOS version 1.10, you have the right builds.  It’s just a matter of it updating on your account.

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