Google PhotoScan Makes Capturing Old Photos Easy

Google is in the process of dropping a new app into the Play Store, Google PhotoScan.  As the name suggest, PhotoScan is aimed at making capturing old photos and them storing them electronically (like in Google Photos) painless but in great quality.  The app detects edges, straightens the image, rotates it to the correct orientation, and removes glare.  Then you can save it to your Google Photos account with a single tap.  And remember – if you are using Google Photos and storing photos in High Quality (photos under 16MP really benefit from this) then they don’t count against your Google Drive storage quota.

Using Google PhotoScan is easy.  With the app on your Android phone, point your camera at the photo you want to scan.  In the PhotoScan app, after you line up the photo and tap the shutter button, there will be four dots on the screen.  Line up the camera with those four dots and PhotoScan stitches things together to create a high quality digital image of your photograph.

Once you have the photo saved, you can then do editing of that such as cropping or rotating of the image.  Once you are done you can easily save it to your Google Photos account.  In order to get the

Google PhotoScan

Google PhotoScan

best quality with the new app, be sure you have your phone parallel to the photo, i.e. not tilting it.  It may take a try or two get get the knack of it but it is pretty easy and can help you get all those boxes of photos and photo albums stored digitally.

Like Google Photos, if you run into any questions or challenges, be sure to hit up the Google Photos forums for help from the community of Rising Stars and Top Contributors for the app.

Download it for free in the Play Store




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