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Google PhotoScan Update Brings Auto Saving to Google Photos

Google PhotoScan, the app for scanning older photos to save digitally, has a new update rolling out that brings several improvements.  The new build is version 1.5 for those keeping score at home and is rolling out into the Play Store today.

The first change that users of PhotoScan will likely appreciate the most is the automatic saving of scanned photos to your Google Photos account.  Previously, when you scanned a photo, it was saved to its own library on your phone and you had to then manually sync that library with Photos.  Now when you scan a photo, it is automatically saved to your Google Photos library, eliminating the manual step.

Google PhotoScan Update Brings Improved Image Quality

Google has pushed a small but important update out to Google PhotoScan, the app that allows you to quickly and easily scan your photographs and upload them to your Google Photos account.  The update, version 1.1 for those keeping score at home, is rolling out now to the Play Store.  On the surface, you won’t really notice any changes to the user experience or any new features to the app.  However, you will notice once you start scanning your photos.  In the original release of the app, scans were limited to 3MP.  That may seem small in in this day of 12MP or more cameras but for scanning old 35mm photos, it worked out just fine.  Google found a way to improve this however and with this new 1.1 version, photos are scanned at 5MP.

Google PhotoScan Makes Capturing Old Photos Easy

Google is in the process of dropping a new app into the Play Store, Google PhotoScan.  As the name suggest, PhotoScan is aimed at making capturing old photos and them storing them electronically (like in Google Photos) painless but in great quality.  The app detects edges, straightens the image, rotates it to the correct orientation, and removes glare.  Then you can save it to your Google Photos account with a single tap.  And remember – if you are using Google Photos and storing photos in High Quality (photos under 16MP really benefit from this) then they don’t count against your Google Drive storage quota.

Using Google PhotoScan is easy.  With the app on your Android phone, point your camera at the photo you want to scan.  In the PhotoScan app, after you line up the photo and tap the shutter button, there will be four dots on the screen.  Line up the camera with those four dots and PhotoScan stitches things together to create a high quality digital image of your photograph.

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