Instagram Adds Bookmark Feature To Save Posts

Instagram has a nice new feature in the latest build of their app for Android.  The new 10.2 version has a save feature that allows you to save posts in a private area of your account for viewing later.  The new version is rolling out from the Play Store now so everyone should see it in the next day or two.  Once you do have it, the new save feature is easy to use.  Just open up Instagram on your phone and below each photo, on the right, you will see a bookmark-like icon.  That’s the save feature.  When you see a photo or video you want to save for later, just tap that icon and it is bookmarked to your account.  It is quick and simple to use and a great way to save those posts that you want to remember or reference later.

To see the posts that you have saved, just go to your profile and you will see that same bookmark icon just above where your own post photos are shown.  This opens up a page in the app with all of

Instagram Bookmark Feature

Instagram Bookmark Feature

your saved posts which you can view again and again or remove them.

If you haven’t tried Instagram, you can download the app for free from the Play Store.

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