Instagram Live Stories Now Available To Everyone

After rolling out to a limited number of users in a limited number of regions, Instagram has thrown the switch to give everyone Live Stories in the social sharing app.  If you are running the latest version of the app on your Android phone, you now have the option to create a live story by tapping on your profile icon at the top of the main display in the app.  There you will see the new Live feature where you can immediately start live streaming yourself or an event.

Functionally, this new feature in Instagram works like the Live feature in Facebook.  One interesting thing however is that once you are done with the live story in Instagram, it is gone.  They disappear after it is over and do not appear in your timeline.

When you start a Live Story, Instagram will notify followers that you are live so they can tune in.  This is done via a standard notification (assuming they are enabled) on your phone.  It will work the

Instagram Live Stories

Instagram Live Stories

same way for you too.  If you see a notification that someone you are following is live, you can tap the notification to see the live video.

Shooting live videos is certainly not new but given the massive number of users on Instagram, having this feature is somewhat of a must have for the service.  It is, however, an increasingly competitive space.


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