Nextbit Acquired by Razer – Robin Sales Immediately Ceased

Nextbit was acquired by Razer today, ending the company’s independent status as well as ending the sale of their only phone, the Nextbit Robin.  In an announcement today, Nextbit will become an operating unit within Razer going forward.

While we have stopped selling Robin and all accessories through our official channels, we are still dedicated to supporting all of you. We will continue to fulfill warranties for 6 more months. And as promised, we will continue to provide software updates and security patches through February 2018.

The news isn’t entirely a surprise but still interesting given that the Robin has been a solid Android option that has nice specs at an affordable price.  What this means for Nextbit’s next phone, if there is one, remains unclear.

Late last year the company teamed up with the Paranoid Android team to develop their Android Nougat update and that build is still in beta cycle.  What this

The Nextbit Robin

The Nextbit Robin

announcement means for that beta is unclear as it was no discussed in the release.

While the company has stopped the selling of the Robin and accessories, they are still available on Amazon for $159 and it is still a reasonably safe bet.  With software updates coming for another year, there is a better-than-average chance it will keep getting Android security updates in a timely manner.

As a Robin owner, it will be interesting to see what becomes of Nextbit.  I still am a big fan of the phone and hope that the Nextbit team can produce a successor to it.

Best of luck to the Nextbit team



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