OneDrive Update Brings Ability to Select Multiple Files With One Swipe

Let’s all take a moment and give Microsoft applause.  One of the most requested features from users of OneDrive has finally, finally made it into the app for Android.  You can now select multiple files with a single swipe on your phone or tablet.  The new feature is in the latest build of the app for Android, version 4.10 for those keeping score at home.  Once you have the update installed, if you are viewing your files or photos in tile view, you can use the new multiple file selection.  Just tap and hold the first file or photo you want to select. When you see the blue checkmark on that file, swipe across your phone’s screen to select multiple files.  Don’t lift your finger!  You have to tap-hold-swipe all in one motion.

Microsoft has been working hard on a lot of their Android apps lately, working to implement features that users have requested in them.  This is the latest example of it and users of OneDrive will be happy campers today.

If you haven’t checked out OneDrive, it is a free cloud storage service from Microsoft.  It comes with 5GB for free with a 50GB account coming in at $1.99/month.  These two plans don’t require

Selecting Multiple Files in OneDrive

Selecting Multiple Files in OneDrive

Office 365 but if you do have the productivity suite, you get a lot more storage, up to 1TB per user of the suite.  While the pricing models for Google Drive are better, especially now that they have a new 2TB tier, for those who are deep into the Microsoft ecosystem, OneDrive is a solid alternative.  You can download the app for free and sign up for service (using your Microsoft account) within the app.

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