YouTube Update Brings 10-Second Advance Gesture

A new version of the YouTube app for Android is rolling out in the Play Store, bringing a new double-tap gesture to rewind or advance the video you are watching by 10 seconds.  The new gesture works exactly as you would expect.  If you double-tap the right side of the video you are watching, you will advance 10 seconds into the video.  Double-tap the left side and you go back 10 seconds.  No more having to use the seek bar to try to go forward or get back on a video.

The new feature is something that should make video viewing a bit easier and faster to navigate.

To get the new feature, you will have to have the latest build of the YouTube app.  That is version 12.03.57 for those keeping score at home.  Once you

YouTube Double Tap to Advance 10 Seconds

YouTube Double Tap to Advance 10 Seconds

have it, there is nothing you have to enable.  Just watch a video and do the double-tap gesture to try it out.  You will get a semi-transparent overlay on the video showing that you are advancing or rewinding 10 seconds over the video.  It works if you are viewing the video in a window or in full screen too.

The update is rolling out now and should hit everyone via an OTA update over the course of the next few days.

Oh, and for fun, if you can manage to get in a quick quad-tap in the video, you will advance or rewind 20 seconds. 🙂

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