Google News & Weather Update Brings Infinite Headline Scrolling

Google News & Weather has been updated with a new feature that basically allows you to infinitely scroll news headlines.  The new feature, named More Headlines, brings you 200 headlines to stories that you can scroll through and read.  The articles offered up are based on the settings you have in the app but also an algorithm to keep articles clustered together and to present you more relevant information.  It is a nice update to an app that has taking a little bit of a backseat to the recently revamped Google News app.

The new More Headlines feature is enabled by default once you have the latest version of the app.  That is version 3.1.4 for those keeping score at home.  You will get your normal weather card and headlines from categories that you have selected in the settings of the app.  Once you’ve gone past those sections, you will see the new More Headlines section.  Then just keep scrolling!

Google does favor AMP pages in Google News & Weather and in the new More Headlines section.  Given that more news sources are using Accelerated Mobile Pages, the leaning towards them is

Google News & Weather More Headlines

Google News & Weather More Headlines

both understandable and actually a benefit to users of the app.  Articles load super fast and you stay within the app as you read articles.  Just tap the back button on your phone to go back to the main page of the app.

Google News & Weather is a free app and available for both Android phones & tablets.

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