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Google News & Weather Update Brings Infinite Headline Scrolling

Google News & Weather has been updated with a new feature that basically allows you to infinitely scroll news headlines.  The new feature, named More Headlines, brings you 200 headlines to stories that you can scroll through and read.  The articles offered up are based on the settings you have in the app but also an algorithm to keep articles clustered together and to present you more relevant information.  It is a nice update to an app that has taking a little bit of a backseat to the recently revamped Google News app.

The new More Headlines feature is enabled by default once you have the latest version of the app.  That is version 3.1.4 for those keeping score at home.  You will get your normal weather card and headlines from categories that you have selected in the settings of the app.  Once you’ve gone past those sections, you will see the new More Headlines section.  Then just keep scrolling!

Google News & Weather App Update Brings AMP Support

Google has released an important update to the Google News & Weather app for Android that brings support for AMP pages.  Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, are pages designed in a more lightweight fashion that provide you the content of a web page much faster than traditional HTML.  It is a project that Google has been working on for months and the adoption and integration of AMP has been progressing steadily over that time.  For the record, is 100% AMP compliant.

Google News & Weather Update Brings Push Notifications

The Google News & Weather app is one of those apps that doesn’t get a huge amount of airtime but it is actually a pretty good little app.  Curating news from over 65,000 sources, it gives you one touch access to headlines, sports, financial and world news quick and easy.  It is also pretty customizable to the content you are interested in seeing and this latest update, version 2.3 for those keeping score at home, brings one new feature that has been missing for a long time from the app:  Push Notifications for important news events.  As one who uses the app, it is a great new feature and for those who haven’t given it a go, it is certainly worth a look for your Android phone or tablet.

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