Google Express Update Brings Shared Shopping Lists

Google Express, the shopping app with next day delivery for subscribers, has been updated with several changes.  The biggest new feature is the ability to invite friends and family to add items to your Shopping Lists.  Items can be added to these shared lists via your phone (the app), computer or by speaking to Google Home.  As you may recall, the Google Assistant shopping list feature of Home moved on Monday from Google Keep to Google Express.  That has irked more than a few Home users who didn’t want to have to install another app to manage shopping lists.  Deeper though, it makes sense as all shopping and shopping lists are now in Express and not in both Express (if you used it) and Keep.  Your mileage, of course, will vary.

Another big part of this update is the deprecation of support for Android Jelly Bean.  That version of Android was released nearly 5 years ago and continues to fall in usage based on the Android Distribution Report.  With regards to Express, the app won’t run on a device running Jelly Bean.

Beyond these two bigger changes, there are a host of minor under-the-hood changes and bug fixes that are in this update.  The app also has a new Pixel style round icon.

Google Express for Android

Google Express for Android

Google Express is a free app and available in the Play Store.  It is also free to use but if you join the membership program, you get things like free delivery on most orders and shared membership with others in your household.  Memberships are $95 per year or $10 per month and you can join within the app.  If you are new to Google Express, you can try it out for 3 months free-of-charge.

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