Microsoft Teams Update Brings Tab View & Message Editing

Microsoft has released another big update to their collaboration app, Microsoft Teams.  The app has brought some much needed improvements to both the Android and the iOS versions of the app, bringing it more inline with the desktop version.  In this update, version 1416/ for those keeping score at home, finally brings tabs visibility to the mobile app.  This includes being able to see the Planner and OneNote.

The other big feature is the ability to edit messages that you have already sent.  This feature includes messages with images.

Within the chat and teams list view, there are some minor design updates that you will find and for Team Admins, you will now have the ability to promote and demote users to owner.  Finally, you can follow and unfollow a channel and get notified of all posts.

For those who use Microsoft Teams, this will be a solid update that brings a lot of missing features to your phone.  Like other apps, Microsoft is working hard to level the playing field between the desktop and mobile apps and this, for Teams, goes a long way in that effort.

In order to use Microsoft Teams, you have to be on an education or enterprise Office 365 account and it has to be enabled on your account.  If you are on such an account but can’t access the service, talk to your network administrator.

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