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Microsoft Teams Update Brings Support for In-Meeting Video Sharing

The latest update to Microsoft Teams for Android has made its way into the Play Store, bringing several improvements and updates to the meeting and messaging app.  The update is version 1416/ for those keeping score at home or who like version number BINGO!

The headline new feature is the ability to share a video while you are in a meeting.  Sharing of content in Teams hasn’t been much of an issue to this point, especially Office content like Word docs and the like.  But you couldn’t share a video that you had on your phone while in a meeting.  That changes with this update as you can now share video content while in your call directly from your phone.

Microsoft Teams Update Brings Call Functionality to Enterprise Customers

Microsoft has rolled out a significant update to their collaboration app & service for enterprises, Microsoft Teams.  The update adds call functionality to the service and could allow an enterprise to completely move away from Skype as a calling and collaboration solution.

You may recall that Microsoft is positioning teams as a replacement for Skype for Business and their roadmap for that transition included the addition of calling functionality to Teams.

With these new features, you can now have full dialing capabilities.  This includes things like call history, the ability to put calls on hold, speed dials, transfers, forward, caller ID (and masking), extension dialing, voicemail and TTY to name just a few features.  In other words, this update allows Microsoft Teams to become a complete cloud-based PBX solution.

Microsoft Teams Update Bring HD Video Calling

Microsoft continues to develop their suite of apps for Android and the latest update to Microsoft Teams reflects that development.  The Slack-like app for enterprise Office 365 customers has been updated to version 1416/ for those keeping score at home and with it comes several key new features and improvements.

The big news is HD audio & video joining of meetings.  Audio meetings has been in Teams for sometime now but the audio was not HD quality and the option to join via video was not available.  Now when you join a meeting, you have the option to do so via video from your phone.

Microsoft Teams Update Brings Expanded Cloud Storage Support

Microsoft Teams, the company’s Slack-like app for collaboration and messaging, has an update rolling out for both Android and iOS.  The update brings a handful of new features, once of which is expanded support for cloud storage services.  To this point, Teams has only supported OneDrive, Microsoft’s own cloud storage.  With this update, services like Box and Google Drive are now supported for you to share files from within the app.

The updated version for Android is build  The update was release late last week so it should be to everyone by this week.  The update to the Android and iOS apps reflect a similar update to the desktop version of the app released a couple of weeks ago.  Now, across all platforms, you can share from different cloud storage solutions.

Microsoft Teams Update Brings Tab View & Message Editing

Microsoft has released another big update to their collaboration app, Microsoft Teams.  The app has brought some much needed improvements to both the Android and the iOS versions of the app, bringing it more inline with the desktop version.  In this update, version 1416/ for those keeping score at home, finally brings tabs visibility to the mobile app.  This includes being able to see the Planner and OneNote.

The other big feature is the ability to edit messages that you have already sent.  This feature includes messages with images.

Microsoft Teams Update Brings Improved Chat Management

Microsoft has rolled out a pretty significant update to their enterprise chat & messaging client, Microsoft Teams.  The update, version for those keeping score at home and who like to play version Bingo, and it brings some features that make it much more productive and useful.  First, you can now add and remove team members, something that was only available on the Teams site.  You can also create new channels in the app.  This was also something that was web-only when Teams launched and frankly, was a bit of a handicap for the app.  The ability to quickly create channels while on the go is a critical feature for this type of app, especially if Microsoft is positioning it as a Slack competitor.

Other improvements around chats include the ability to rename group chats and add members to existing chats.

Microsoft Teams App Update Brings Single Sign-On for Office 365

Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Microsoft Teams app that has a lot of new features and improvements for organizations who use it for collaboration.  The update’s biggest improvement is Single Sign-On (SSO) so that users of Office 365 will be able to sign in easier to Teams if they are already signed into other apps on their phone.

OneNote files can now also be shared in Teams.  If a OneNote file is being shared, it can be viewed in conversations.  Previously OneNote files couldn’t be viewed in Teams.

Microsoft Teams Update Brings Voice Call Capabilities

Microsoft has rolled out a sizable update to their intracompany, Slack competitor, Microsoft Teams.  The update, version 1416 for those keeping score at home, brings a lot of improvements to the collaboration app, the most notable of which is the ability to have voice conversations through the app.  Now if you are collaborating with a colleague, you can elevate that chat to a voice conversation with a push of a button.  No longer do you have to leave the app for that voice interaction to happen, making this sweet and simple.  All indications are that this new feature is leveraging the existing Skype for Business infrastructure on the backend.

Another nice update to the app is the ability to delete messages.  Now you can delete a message within 24 hours of it being sent.

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