Twitter for Android Update Brings Automatic Night Mode Setting

After being in beta testing for several weeks, the Twitter for Android app has been updated with a new automatic night mode for all users.  The latest update to the app, version 7.2.0 for those keeping score at home, gives you the option to enable a darkened UI anytime or when the sunset happens in your location.  The new feature is found in Settings>General>Display and sound.

Twitter for several releases of the Android version of their app has had a dark UI mode that could be enabled.  This would turn the app from having a white background to a dark blue-grey background.  This, of course, lowers eye strain when you are viewing your screen in low light.

With the addition of being able to enable this automatically when the sun goes down (and conversely at sunrise) means you won’t

Twitter Automatic Night Mode

Twitter Automatic Night Mode

have to dive into settings any longer to change the UI.  It will just happen for you and will save you a few screen taps each morning or evening.

While the banner feature in this update to Twitter for Android is this new automatic night mode, there are also some performance updates as well.  It’s a worthwhile update even if the night mode feature isn’t your cup of tea.

The update is in the Google Play Store now and should hit devices with the app installed over the course of the next few days.

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