gPlayer Pro Update Brings Improved Playlist Support

gPlayer Pro, the Google Play Music app for Windows 10, has a significant update rolling out this morning to users.  The update is build for those keeping score at home and with it comes a lot of improvements around playlists.

Playlists and Radio playlists are now like the web version of Google Play Music in gPlayer Pro and you have access to the recent and your own playlists in the app.  Access to publicly created playlists is now also supported in this version as is the ability to subscribe/unsubscribe from public playlists.

Further enhancements includes the app now auto updating song lists in radio playback when the list is about to end.  There is also a new radio sections for

gPlayer Pro for Windows 10

gPlayer Pro for Windows 10

free Google Play Music users that includes “My Mixes”, “Instant Mixes” and “Recent Mixes”.

The iteration rate of gPlayer Pro has been fast, with this being the second big update in the last month to the app.  That is good as it provides an app to quickly & easily access your Google Play Music subscription.  Given the news that Microsoft Groove is going away, this app and Google Play Music could be a viable alternative for Windows 10 users.

gPlayer Pro is normally $9.99 but it is on sale currently for $5.99 for the next couple of hours.  You can purchase it here.

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