is Now Available in the Microsoft Store

The ever popular photo editing app has finally made its way to the Microsoft Store for Windows 10.  The app will sell for $8.99 but right now has a special launch price of $5.99 along with a free 30-day trial for first time users.

The updated version of is build 4.0.18 for those keeping score at home and with it now in the Microsoft Store, you have automatic updating and overall stability improvements in Windows 10. was originally created by a former Microsoft intern and was designed to be a replacement, with more features, of the original Paint app that has been in Windows for about a thousand years.  It started out life as a for Windows 10 for Windows 10

32-bit desktop app but has now moved to the Microsoft Store for native support within Windows 10.

To this point the desktop version of the app has been free with donations being accepted for the app.  With its move to the Microsoft Store, will now have a charge associated with it to help offset the distribution costs and, frankly, to keep the developer funded to continue the work.  It is well worth it folks.

There is no indication on when the special promotional pricing on the app ends so if you want to pick it up, head over to the Microsoft Store and get it.

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