Microsoft Launcher Update Adds More User Customization

Microsoft has released another update to their popular Microsoft Launcher for Android.  The launcher formerly known as Arrow Launcher, has been updated to version 4.3 and it comes with a lot of improvements and a few new features.  A lot of the improvements in this update are aimed at making the user experience better or giving users more control.

On the Home page, you can now have an icon grid of up to 12 columns and 12 rows and can have apps or widgets at the half-grid cell.  That means that if you have a large screen device (5.5″ or larger), you can really cram a lot of icons on your home page.

Probably the single biggest improvement with this update to Microsoft Launcher is the ability to import your home screen layout from your previous launcher to it.  Before, you could only import from a previous backup of the Microsoft launcher, which you can still do.  But, if you like how your Home page is laid out in the Pixel Launcher, Action Launcher or Nova Launcher, you can have it copied over to the Microsoft app as you setup the launcher for the first time.

The fonts for apps and folders has changed as well in this update and you can have up to 5 apps in the dock at the bottom of the page.  Oh, and you can have the search bar placed at the bottom too.

As you can see, the 4.3 update of Microsoft Launcher is a healthy update with a lot of tweaks and improvements.

If you are deep in the Microsoft ecosystem, give this launcher a try.  It is probably one of the best out there for Office 365 users who want their content available to them just a tap away.  It is free in the Play Store.

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