Sleep as Android Gets A Major Update of Fixes and New Features

The sleep tracking app Sleep as Android has a major update rolling out today that brings a number of new features along with several improvements and fixes.  The new build is version 20171223 and should come to all users of the app over the course of the next few days.

This update brings support for a new time-based theme to the app which will be the traditional dark theme until sunrise where it turns to a light theme automatically.  You’ll also see that the sleep charts have been improved for easier reading and clarity of information.  In fact most of the app has had some type of face lift in this update.

For those that aren’t familiar with Sleep as Android, it is an app that allows you to track your overall sleep and the quality of that sleep using your Android phone or Android Wear device.  It is an app that I use daily and highly recommend for those who want to keep tabs on their sleeping patterns in this hectic world of ours.  You can read my review of it here in case you missed it.

Here is a complete rundown of all of the changes and updates in this new build of Sleep for Android:

  • Day Night theme support, switches themes automatically based on your sunset, you can choose a fixed theme in Settings – Misc – Theme
  • Sleep score – find out your overall sleep score – a multi-criteria sleep quality index
  • Introduction of efficiency as another sleep score measure: efficiency = asleep duration / sleep tracking duration
  • Redesign: Stats, Graphs, Alarms, Advice and more…
  • Collapsible advanced settings (can be turned off in Settings – Misc – Show – restart app)
  • Searchable settings
  • Sleep time suggestions – when you forget to sleep track we use phones activity reporting to assume when you did most probably sleep (10% experiment)
  • Direct boot support
  • Option to hide the Graphs tab altogether
  • fix for clean up duplicates (Google Fit, S Health)
  • Colorful on-boarding cards – helps new users on board on features
  • Fix in IFTTT Sign up
  • Fixes in themes
  • Better invites through the “tell friends” option
  • Fix for sunrise alarm and DST
  • Fix for Dropbox connect
  • Awake detection can now be fully disabled in Settings – Sleep tracking – Awake detection, and is default ON..
  • Blind fix for DND priority mode disabling on Samsung
  • Support for 12 new lullabies in the Sleep Lullaby Add-on
  • Fix for Mi Band awake detection
  • Fix for a occasional crash on old Androids
  • Fix for some rare ANRs
  • Fix for noise recordings not tagged properly
  • Fix for head ups notification when notifications are disabled for an app
  • Fix for occasional dismiss not working on Android Wear
  • Attempt to allow sensor batching on more Android Wear watches
  • Updates in Danish, German, Hungarian, Chinese and more

Sleep as Android is a free download and there are in-app purchases to sync your data to Dropbox, Google Drive and others.

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