Android Oreo Beta for The Huawei P10 Available

As part of their efforts to get the EMUI 8, Android Oreo based update out, Huawei has opened up a limited beta for owners of the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus.  The program will allow a limited number of P10 users to sign up for the beta and download the Oreo based build to their devices.  The beta follows the release of the Oreo update for the Mate 9, last year’s flagship phablet from the company.

Huawei has already released the Oreo update for the P10 in China so this beta for the international versions of the phone will likely go quickly given the company has some experience with the build and the device together.

What is not clear is if the new Oreo update for the Huawei P10 will support Project Treble.  Huawei did bring support for the new design of Android to the Mate 9, a surprise to many given Google doesn’t require it on older devices (only devices that run Oreo out-of-the-box).  For those who aren’t familiar with Project Treble, it separates the core Android OS bits from the manufacture bits.  This, in theory, should mean faster updates for devices as they won’t be dependent on deeper level Android updates to be a part of the package.

If you have a P10 or P10 Plus and want to try to get into the beta, head over to the Huawei beta site and sign up.  Remember it is limited so you may not be able to get in right away.

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