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Android Oreo Begins Rolling Out to The Huawei P10 Series

After being in beta for the last couple of months, the EMUI 8 update for the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus is now rolling out globally.  EMUI is Huawei’s own variant of Android and the version 8 build is based on Android Oreo.  The release has started but it appears that Huawei is slow rolling it for now.  It could be several weeks before the update gets to everyone.

The update for the Huawei P10 and the P10 Plus is build and this build appears to be for all variants of the devices (single-SIM, dual-SIM).  The update also comes with the February 2018 Android Security Update patch.

Android Oreo Beta for The Huawei P10 Available

As part of their efforts to get the EMUI 8, Android Oreo based update out, Huawei has opened up a limited beta for owners of the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus.  The program will allow a limited number of P10 users to sign up for the beta and download the Oreo based build to their devices.  The beta follows the release of the Oreo update for the Mate 9, last year’s flagship phablet from the company.

Huawei has already released the Oreo update for the P10 in China so this beta for the international versions of the phone will likely go quickly given the company has some experience with the build and the device together.

Huawei P10 Update Brings Improved Security and VoLTE Support

There is a new update rolling out for the Huawei P10 that brings a host of improvements and new features.  The update is build VTR-L09C432B162 for those keeping score at home for the single SIM model of the phone.  The dual SIM variant will be VTR-L29C432B162 but the key is the “B162” portion.

The first thing this update brings is an updated Android Security Update patch to July 2017.  This is up from the April 2017 patch in the previous build so it is a big step forward.

Second is what Huawei is calling MirrorLink.  This allows you to link your phone to your car or MiraCast device to share the display of your phone with that device.

Huawei P10 Update Rolling Out with Improvements and May Security Update

There is a new update for the Huawei P10 that is rolling out now to device owners.  The update is for both the dual-SIM and single-SIM variants of the phone and it brings an updated security patch and other performance improvements.  The update is VTR-L09C432B150 or VTR-L19C432B150 depending on which variant you have in hand.  The builds are identical in updates and are about 270MB in size.

The update includes several improvements to the device including improvements to the camera app for more natural colors and adds a Moving picture feature which creates a small movie from your photo.  There are also battery performance improvements in this update, especially for times when you use your phone over a long period.

Huawei P10 Update Brings Optimizations & April’s Security Patch

Huawei has released an updated firmware build for the Huawei P10.  The new version is VRT-L09C432B133 for those keeping score at home.  The key part of Huawei’s naming convention is the last four figures, in this case B133.  The earlier part of the build will change depending on which model you have (dual-SIM versus single SIM for example).

The update brings a handful of optimizations to the phone along with the April Android Security Patch.  Unfortunately the update does not bring Android Nougat 7.1.1 or a newer security patch.  As for those optimizations, they are in several key areas.  First, power consumption has been optimized when you are using the P10 for an extended period of time while Wi-Fi performance has also been optimized.  Optimizations have also been made to the UI content display on some screens.  As mentioned, the April 1, 2017 Android Security Update is a part of this new firmware and Huawei also removed the TripAdvisor app from the firmware.

Huawei P10 and P10 Plus Pre-Orders Start at Rogers in Canada

Canada’s largest mobile provider Rogers has begun taking pre-orders for the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus.  The carrier is offering both phones at a variety of different payment options to their customers including the ability to purchase the phones outright.

The 5.1″ P10 is available in Black or in the Rogers exclusive color Prestige Gold for $649 without a contract while it will cost $499 on a 2 year on their Talk & Text Plan.  The 5.5″ P10 Plus is $749 without a contract and $599 on a 2 year Talk & Text plan.  Their are other plans available from the carrier for both phones.

Review – Huawei Folio Smart View Case for The Huawei P10

I have always been a fan of book-style folio cases for phones.  I like the look and feel of most of them plus the added benefit of protection for the entire device when it is in use or in my pocket.  The Huawei P10 is one of the best selling phones so far in 2017 and although it has yet to make its debut in the United States, the Chinese company has a line of cases ready for the phone when it hits US shores.  If you live in Europe, your life is much easier and the Huawei Folio Smart View Case for the P10 is one to strongly consider.

The Folio case is designed by Huawei and works tightly with the P10 to provide you not only protection but information at a glance.  It’s Smart View window uses the settings of your P10 to give you time, weather and other information with the case closed on your phone.  No need to open it up to check the time.  But this case provides stylish protection for you investment too.  It protects all the edges of your phone, has precise cutouts to access ports and buttons, and fits your P10 firmly.

Huawei P10 and P10 Plus Coming to Canada June 6th

Good news this morning for Canadian readers.  The Huawei P10 and P10 Plus are coming June 6th to various carriers in the country.  Both the P10 and the P10 Plus were announced back in February at MWC and both have been well received.  Reviews of the phones have been overall positive and Huawei has sold millions of units internationally.  To this point, neither phone has been in the North American market but it has been widely expected that Canada would see the phones first.  The US will likely see them too, just under a different name.  That’s not confirmed however.

For those who have not had a chance, you can read my review of the P10 to get my thoughts.  Personally, I’m a big fan of this phone and it is one of the fastest phones I’ve ever reviewed.

The P10 will be coming to Bell, Fido, Rogers and Videotron while the larger P10 Plus will be exclusive to Rogers for the initial release.

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