The Google Store is Now Selling a Google Home Mini Wall Mount by Incipio

The Google Home Mini has become one of Google’s most popular devices for a lot of reasons, price and size chiefly among them.  The donut sized device lends itself to be tucked away in any room to give you access to Google Assistant whenever you need it.  But for some rooms, having the Home Mini mounted on the wall makes more sense and frees up counter space in your bedroom or kitchen.

Incipio has been making a wall mount for the Google Home Mini almost since its release.  It’s been available directly from them on their site but it got a big boost this week with it now being available on the Google Store.  On either site, it is $14.99 and comes with everything you need to mount your Home Mini to a wall in your home.

The Incipio mount is precision cut to hold your Home Mini snuggly while giving you access to the power port and mute switch.  It also doesn’t interfere with the sides of the device itself so you can use the tap controls.

When you order it, the mount will come with everything you need to install the mount including screws, sheetrock anchors and an adhesive pad for additional security.

For more details, you can check it out at the Google Store or the Incipio Store.

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