Microsoft Edge Update Brings Improved Oreo Support

Microsoft Edge for Android has a new update rolling out that brings a handful of new features and improvements.  The update is build for those keeping score at home and if you are an Android Oreo users, this will be an update you like.  This update brings support for Oreo’s Adaptive icons so it will look more natural based on your device’s icon strategy.

Sharing of links and texts is now supported from other apps into Microsoft Edge.  If you open a link in one location, you can now share that with Edge and have it open there.  Likewise, if you snip text and share it with Edge, it will use the browser’s default search engine to find that search result for that text.

Other improvements in the browser include an improved reading mode experience, although it still is a bit of a trick to sort out from a user experience.  You’ll also find a smattering of stability and performance improvements well as site compatibility improvements.

The update is just now rolling out to the Google Play Store now so it may be a few days before you see the update come to your phone.  If you want to try out Edge, it is a free download and works well for cross device syncing with your Windows 10 PC.


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