Verizon Releases Updates for The Majority of Samsung Devices on Their Network

While everyone’s attention this week has been focused on the events at Mobile World Congress, Verizon rolled out a bunch of updates to Samsung devices and a few Moto devices on their network.  The majority of the updates are focused on bringing the February Android Security Update to the Samsung devices as well as other minor tweaks and updates.  The Moto Z devices are getting the December patch.

Here is the rundown of the phones that Verizon updated this week along with the new build numbers.  I’ve linked to the release notes for each build that the carrier has published.

In all cases, the updates have been released and should be landing on their respective devices via an OTA update this week.

It isn’t uncommon for any carrier to release multiple updates in a week, especially from the same manufacture.  But I don’t ever recall nine devices getting an update all in the same week from a carrier.  It is great to see for sure and means that customers will have the latest security patches available for their devices.

Aside from the Android Security Update patches, there are mostly minor tweaks and fixes in the builds.  In reviewing the release notes for the builds, none of them mention any new features or functionality.


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