Apple Music is Outpacing Spotify in Monthly Growth Numbers

Apple Music, the subscription music streaming service from the Cupertino company, is doing exceptionally well.  In an exclusive report at Variety, the company shared that the service now has 40 million subscribers world wide.  Perhaps even more of an indicator of the health of the service, it is outpacing Spotify when it comes to month-over-month growth.

Right now Spotify is gaining about 2% each month in new subscribers, which outstanding growth.  But Apple Music is growing at a staggering 5% each month.  The service, like Spotify, is helped by the fact that it works on both Android and iOS phones.

The information in the Variety report comes as part of a broader announcement of a shuffle in leadership at Apple.  Oliver Schusser, who has been with the company for 14 years, will now take over as Vice President of Apple Music and International Content.  He will report directly to Eddy Cue.

Apple Music pricing is very similar to that of Spotify and Google Play Music.  Individual plans start at $9.99 per month, although there is a lesser expensive student plan at $7.99 for students.  The family plan of the service is $14.99 and allows for up to six members of the family to be a part of the plan.

As always, Apple does offer a 3 month trial on individual plans at no cost to see if you like the service.

For Android users, the service is integrated with Google Assistant on your phone so you can play music from it simply by asking Assistant to do so.


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