Gmail for Android Update Adds Inbox Unsubscribe Tips

The latest update to Gmail for Android is making its way out to the Play Store and it brings a new Tip setting for users.  The new build is version 8.6 for those keeping score at home and when you get the update, you will have a new Inbox Tip inside settings for your Gmail account.

The setting is enabled by default and when you tap it, you see the Unsubscribe tips.  With this turned on, you will get occasional tips to unsubscribe to bulk email that you rarely read.

It is a pretty self explanatory setting but it is one that can be quite handy.  Most people, me included, get a huge amount of email from bulk lists.  Some of those I read, some I don’t and this feature should help identify those that I don’t read often and remind me to unsubscribe.  I’ve not seen this in action yet as I just got the update this morning, so I’m assuming a little bit here based on the description provided by Google.

Gmail Unsubscribe Tip Settings

Gmail Unsubscribe Tip Settings

Like other settings in Gmail for Android, if you want to turn this new setting off you can do so simply by unchecking the box in settings.

While the update has been released to the Play Store, it could still be a day or two before you get new settings so be patient on it.

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