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Gmail for Android Update Adds Inbox Unsubscribe Tips

The latest update to Gmail for Android is making its way out to the Play Store and it brings a new Tip setting for users.  The new build is version 8.6 for those keeping score at home and when you get the update, you will have a new Inbox Tip inside settings for your Gmail account.

The setting is enabled by default and when you tap it, you see the Unsubscribe tips.  With this turned on, you will get occasional tips to unsubscribe to bulk email that you rarely read.

Gmail for Android Now Supports Customizable Swipe Actions

A long desired feature, customizable swipe actions, are now finally in the latest version of Gmail for Android.  The latest build, which was released earlier this week, is version 8.5.20.  With that version, you can now set your left and right swipe actions for an email in your inbox.  It also works on any account you have setup in Gmail.

The new feature is found in Settings>General Settings>Swipe Actions.

Nudges in Gmail for Android are now Live

After debuting on the new Gmail experience on the web, nudges has landed in Gmail for Android too.  The feature gives you suggested reminders to follow up on emails or to reply to emails that are in your Gmail inbox.  The feature is a cloud-side update so as long as you are running the latest build of Gmail on your Android phone, you should see the feature.

Nudges in Gmail uses AI to survey your inbox and give you gentle reminders (aka nudges) to reply to an email or to follow up on an email.  The idea is to help you with a reminder so you don’t have something you need to follow up on slip through the cracks.

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