Google Releases a Hot Fix To Address Issues With Google Home and Chromecast Devices

Over the course of yesterday, many Google Home and Chromecast users reported issues with the devices.  In the case of Home, commands were not being accepted while with Chromecast devices, casting would not work.  The issue was reasonably widespread.

Late yesterday, Google’s Made By Google Twitter account posted that a fix would be rolling out over the follow six hour (i.e. overnight) to fix the issue.

At this point, this fix should have rolled out to everyone.

If you were impacted, to assure that your Home and Chromecast devices are running this new code and working properly, reboot them.  If you aren’t familiar with how to do a reboot, you have two options.  First, and the best way, is to use the Google Home app.  Go to the menu then down to your Devices.  Once your device list is shown, tap on the overflow menu (three vertical dots) for the device you want to reboot and then select Reboot from the menu.

Rebooting a Chromecast or Google Home

Rebooting a Chromecast or Google Home

The second option is to simply pull the power from the device, wait about 10-15 seconds, then plug it back in.  This analog way of doing it will work but it isn’t as graceful to the device as using the Google Home app.  That’s the advised way of rebooting.


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