Google Assistant Launched in The Netherlands – Now Speaks Dutch

Ja! Google Assistent is nu beschikbaar in Nederland! En het spreekt Nederlands!

The slow but steady global expansion of Google Assistant has taken another step today.  The personal assistant has launched in the Netherlands with Dutch language support.  In the announcement today, Google points out that Assistant not only speaks Dutch, but is Dutch.

The functionality and personality are adapted to our country – the assistant sings Dutch songs, follows Dutch football and understands that the weather is very important to us.

The launch is also supported by a wide range of Dutch companies through Assistant Actions that they have created to provide a native experience.

These Assistant Actions are pretty impressive, especially given how many companies have them at the launch.  Centraal Beheer, Eneco, Essent, ING, Jumbo, KLM, KRO-NCRV, MediaMarket, NOS, NPO, Qmusic, Rabobank, Rituals, Transavia and Unilever have already created actions that Dutch speakers can access by saying, “Okay Google, talk to (company name)”.

Google Assistant in Dutch

Google Assistant in Dutch

Adding to this, news sources within the Netherlands have jumped on board the Google Assistant train and are offering news to residence.  These news services include 538 News, ANP, Blendle, BNR News Radio, NOS,, RTL News, Omroep Brabant and Omroep Gelderland.

While Google Assistant is now available in Dutch, it will take a few days before it rolls out to everyone.  Google indicates that it will roll out to everyone as an option who have their language set to English.  The announcement also points out that Google Home will be available in the Netherlands later this year.


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