Google Assistant Can Now Remind You Where You Parked

Google Assistant Remembers Where You Parked

The features and abilities of Google Assistant, both on Android and on Google Home, continue to impress and one of the latest is incredibly handy.  You can now tell Assistant where you parked your car, then ask where you parked and get directions to your car.

Isn’t living in the future cool?

How it works is pretty straightforward.  When you park your car, just open up Assistant by saying, “Hey Google, remember where I parked my car.”  You will get a confirmation and there is a special “P” pin that is put into Google Maps.

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Google Assistant on Google Home Now Can Handle Three Commands at Once

Google Home

Google Assistant has a nice update rolling out to it that allows for you to give it three commands at once when interacting on your Google Home.  The change falls in line with some of the announcements at Google I/O last month, including requiring less verbiage to make things happen.

A few weeks back, the ability to give Google Assistant two commands rolled out but it still required a lot of words to make happen.  For example, you could say, “Hey Google, turn on my office lamp and turn on the kitchen lights” and it would do so.  Now, however, you can cut that phrasing down to “Hey Google, turn on my office lamp and the kitchen lights”.

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Google Assistant Update Brings Support for Three Spanish Dialects

Three Spanish Dialects in Google Assistant

A small, quiet update has rolled out to Google Assistant that allows you to set your default language in three Spanish dialects.  The update, which is a cloud-side update, allows for users to set España, México, and EE.UU as their default language.

The addition of these different dialects almost assuredly means that expansion of Google Home into Mexico and Spain is just around the corner as that has been Google’s pattern in previous Google Home and Google Assistant expansions this year.

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Google Lens Standalone Shortcut App Released in The Play Store

Google Lens App in The Play Store

If you like Google Lens but hate the fact that you have to open up Google Assistant on your phone to get to it, then today’s your lucky day.  Google has just dropped a Google Lens standalone app in the Play Store that you can download.

By all indications, this is a shortcut app.  That means it simply opens up Lens on your phone by pressing the icon for the app instead of having to long press your Home button the tap the Lens icon within Google Assistant.  There is nothing new or special that the app does itself.

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Microsoft Looks Set to Allow Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant on The Xbox One

Google Assistant Logo

In what could prove to be the clearest sign yet that the personal assistant race is coming down to two horses, Microsoft appears to be set to allow both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant on the Xbox One.  The news, along with a supporting screenshot, came from the team over at Windows Central and points to users having the option to leverage the personal assistant of their choice on their Xbox One for controlling the device from their phone.

The news of this falls in line with other news that Microsoft is fundamentally shifting Cortana, their digital assistant, away from the consumer market and more toward the productivity side of things and not necessarily a personal assistant.  It appears that Microsoft is conceding to Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Google Assistant Now Consolidates Purchases and Reservations

Purchases and Reservations in Google Assistant

After a trickle rollout last week, Google appears to be more broadly rolling out a new Purchases and Reservations section within Google Assistant on Android.  This, like many changes with Assistant, is a cloud-side update so as long as you have the latest version of the Google app and/or Assistant app, you should be good-to-go.

The new sections are accessed by long pressing your Home button to activate Google Assistant.  Now tap on the blue Explore button in the upper right corner.  Finally, tap on the overflow menu (three vertical dots) and go to Settings.  If it has rolled out to your account, you will see the new Purchases and Reservations sections.

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Google Lens Rolling Out Real Time Information Update

Google Lens Real Time Information

In today’s chapter of “It’s cool living in the future”, Google Lens is now broadly rolling out real time information and text selection features via Google Assistant.  The new features, which were highlighted at Google I/O a few weeks back, trickled out to some last week but now it appears that Google has pushed the cloud-side big button and it is now going out to everyone.

There are few different elements that are rolling out today that are pretty magical.  First, there is real time information element.  When you enable Google Lens (long press your Home button to activate Google Assistant and then tap the Lens icon in the lower right corner), you can point your camera at different objects.  If it recognized that object, you will get a colored bubble over that item which you can then tap and Assistant will give you information about it.

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Google Assistant on Wear OS Can Now Give You Sports Scores

Sports Scores on Wear OS

While it has been pretty clear the past couple of weeks the work that Google has put into Google Assistant on phones, that isn’t the only place they have been improving things.  Wear OS by Google has also been getting a lot of updates lately around Assistant and other features which has significantly improved the overall usefulness of Assistant on your wrist.

Just before Google I/O, Wear OS got a big update that, amongst other things, brought support for Actions in Google Assistant.  As part of that, you can now ask Assistant on your watch to give you a game or score update and have the information displayed on your screen in an easy-to-view format as well as an audio update on the game.

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