Google Lens Can Now Identify Dog and Cat Breeds in Assistant and Google Photos

Cat Breeds Identified in Google Lens

Google has begun rolling out a new cloud-side update to Google Lens, the applet inside of Google Assistant and Google Photos, enabling it to identify both dog and cat breeds you see or in your photos.  The new feature is making its way out broadly to users so it is likely that you already have it so long as you have the latest Google app on your phone.

Previously, when you used Google Lens on a photo of a dog or cat, either by using it in Assistant or in Photos, it would simply come up with a generic “looks like a cat” or “a cat” but it didn’t provide any breed information.

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Google Home and Google Home Mini Now Available in India

Google Home

The expansion of Google Assistant and Google Home globally continues with India becoming the latest country where you can buy the smart speakers.  The Home and Home Mini are now available there and support a wide range of apps and services found in country.  As for price, the Google Home is  ₹9,999 (roughly $154 US) while the Home Mini is  ₹4,499, or $69 US.  Both are available exclusively through Flipkart.

While Google recently rolled out Hindi support for Google Assistant, they aren’t supported in India on the Home devices just yet.  For now, users will have to use English (India) as their settings but Hindi support is expected shortly.

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Indonesian Language Support Comes to Google Assistant

Google Assistant Logo

Google continues to bring more languages to Google Assistant as they aim to add 38 new ones this year.  The latest is Indonesian support for Assistant which is currently rolling out.  It comes after the addition of Italian and Hindi last month.

Google has been clear on their intent for Google Assistant in 2018:  Bring it to as many languages and locales as possible.  Their goal is 38 and while the pace has been slow to this point, you can expect it to ratchet up over the summer.

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You Can Now Send Money via Google Assistant from Google Pay on Your Phone

Send Cash via Google Assistant from Google Pay

Here is another great example of how fun it is to live in the future.  Google has rolled out a new feature for Google Assistant that allows you to send money to a contact from you Google Pay account all by voice command.  Now you can sort out sending cash to a friend or family member immediately and, more importantly, securely.

The feature works by you saying something to the effect, “Hey Google, send $20 to Rob for beer” and you will be prompted for which Rob if you have multiple Rob’s in your contacts.  Once the contact is identified, you will be prompted by Assistant to confirm the funds transfer and then use your fingerprint to actually authorize the transfer.  That’s it!

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Google Home and Home Mini Now Available in Italy

Google Home in Italy Google Store

Earlier this week I posted about Google Assistant now supporting the Italian language.  The question, as I posed in that post, was if it was a prelude to the Italian Google Store seeing Google Home coming soon.  Now we know the answer is yes.

On the Google Store site in Italy, you can now purchase a Google Home or Google Home Mini.  Home is €149, about $183 while the Home Mini is €59 or about $72 US.  They are on sale now and both models are available.

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Google Assistant Now Speaks Italian

Google Assistant Logo

Buone notizie! Assistente Google ora parla italiano.

For those that don’t speak Italian, Good news!  Google Assistant now speaks Italian.  More specifically, it speaks Italian on Google Home, which is not actually sold in Italy.  This quite little addition to Assistant is the strongest indicator yet that Google Home devices are coming to the country.

Officially, Google Home does not show up as a supported country in any of the Google support documentation which isn’t surprising.  Google only releases Home in countries where the language is supported in Assistant.  Since it is just now rolling out, and early reports indicate some limitations, it is likely going to be a few more days or weeks before Italians can order a Home in country.

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Google Assistant Now Supports Hindi

Google Assistant Hindi Support

Making good on its promise at Mobile World Congress, Google has rolled out Hindi language support in Google Assistant.  The announcement came from the Google Blog in India with support initially rolling out to Android devices running Marshmallow (6.0) or higher.  Support for Lollipop (5.0) will be coming shortly.

The BBC estimates that some 425 million people speak Hindi as their first language with an addition 125 million as their second language.  That is a significant number of people who will now be able to use Google Assistant to help them with tasks for gather information.

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You Can Now Order Dunkin Donuts Through Google Assistant

Dunkin Donuts in Google Assistant

Because we live in the future and we also love coffee and donuts, Google Assistant once again makes your life easier.  Dunkin Donuts has enabled the ability to place orders at your local store through Google Assistant.  Everyone say donuts in your Homer Simpson voice.

How it works is similar to other Actions within Google Assistant.  First, you will need to have linked your Dunkin Donuts Perks account to Google Assistant, which you will be prompted to do the first time you say, “Hey Google, talk to Dunkin Donuts”.  After your card is linked, you can choose your pick up location and you can select something from your recent orders.  Once done, you can confirm the order and then go pick it up at your local Dunkin location.

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