Sixth and Likely Final Chrome 68 Build Arrives in The Chrome OS Beta Channel

A sixth and likely final Chrome 68 build has arrived in the Chrome OS Beta Channel.  Build 68.0.3440.76 (Platform version: 10718.63.0) is making its way out to the majority of device out there in the beta channel.  You can check for the update, as always, by typing chrome://help in the browser then clicking the Check for update button.

With the release of Chrome 68 for the Stable Channel expected next Tuesday, July 31st, it is possible that this .76 will be the one we see at that release barring a show stopping bug being found at this late hour in the beta cycle.

As previously posted on, this new version of Chrome OS will be bringing several new features and improvements.  The new wallpaper picker is one of the key highlights but there will also be the new “Not Secure” badges on sites that are not encrypted.  That feature rolled out today for the desktop and for Android.

There is nothing to suggest at this point that Google’s Chromium team will miss the release next Tuesday, again, unless a big bug is found.  The last few releases have been delayed by a few days for issues found at the last minute so it could happen again.


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