Twitter for Android App Update Brings The Bottom Navigation Bar to The Masses

Twitter has begun the process of rolling out a new bottom navigation bar to everyone.  The update to the Twitter for Android app is a cloud-side update meaning that so long as you have the latest version of the app, you should get the new navigation bar in the social app.  For those that are curious, the latest version is 7.53.0.

There isn’t a lot of mystery here – you get a bottom navigation bar when this update is pushed to your account.  You have the Home (feed), search, notifications, and direct messages all a single tap away with the tab you are on highlighted in blue.

Functionally, beyond the fact you can’t swipe left or right between tabs any more, you have the exact same app you had before you got the update.

Twitter Bottom Navigation

Twitter Bottom Navigation

As with other developers who are literally racing to the bottom of your phone’s screen with navigation bars, Twitter positions this update to the Twitter for Android app as a simplification of navigation and ease of use.  There is also something to be said for being able to more easily navigate with bottom navigation bars when using your phone one-handed.  Like them or not, this is the current trend in app design Twitter is simply falling in line more-or-less.


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