YouTube for Android Dark Mode Slowly Rolling Out to Everyone

After a bit of teasing and a roll out to the web, the YouTube for Android app is finally starting to get a Dark Mode.  The update is a cloud-side update which means as long as you have the latest version of the Android app on your phone, you will have the update pushed to you behind the scenes and not have to update your app.  For those that are curious, the latest build is version 13.28.54.

The YouTube team at Google appears to be slow rolling this update out so not everyone is seeing it just yet, me included.  This isn’t uncommon for these cloud-side pushes so if you aren’t seeing it yet, chances are good you will see it today or tomorrow.  You’ll know you got the update when you see a pop up in the YouTube for Android app letting you know it is available.

If you curious about what all the fuss is about, Dark Mode turns all the white areas of the YouTube app to black, making it easier to view the screen when in low light situations.  Several apps out there have such a mode, such as the likes of Twitter.

Functionally, you aren’t going to find anything new other than this Dark Mode update to the app.  There doesn’t appear to be any other new features or functions otherwise.

Again, patience is the key at this point if you don’t have it.  You will get the new viewing mode soon, once Google has pushed it to your account.

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