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HTC One A9 on Sprint Has Android Nougat Rolling Out

Good news this morning for those of you who have the HTC One A9 on Sprint.  Android Nougat is rolling out to you starting today.  The software update from the carrier is build 2.18.651.2 and it brings Android Nougat 7.0 to your phone along with the January Android Security update.  With it, you get all the goodness that is Nougat including multi-window support, improved data saver and other features.

The OTA update should be hitting devices soon but you can always manually check for it by going to Settings>System Updates>HTC Software Updates on your phone.  As these things tend to go, it will take a few days before everyone sees the update so patience is required.

Android Nougat Rolling Out To The HTC One A9

Good news for those who have the unlocked variant of the HTC One A9.  Android Nougat is coming your way!  HTC’s Mo Versi, VP of Product Management, took to Twitter yesterday to announce that starting last night, the unlocked phone would start having the latest version of Android pushed to it via an OTA update.  The announcement comes after the HTC 10 started – then stopped – getting the Nougat update and it comes nearly six months after it was released by Google.


The update takes the One A9 to version 7.0 with the latest security patch for that build.

HTC Refines Nougat Update Dates for Devices

HTC took to Twitter yesterday and clarified the target dates for the Android Nougat update to their devices.  The news is mixed in that it looks like there is still going to be another couple of months before we see the first device updated but, to their credit, the company is being upfront about things.  According to the Tweet, the HTC 10 will be the first of their devices updated and that will happen in Q4 of this year.

Probably more disappointing is that the One A9 will not be updated until after the older One M9.

HTC Announces Android Nougat Coming to Three Devices

Well that didn’t take long!  HTC has just tweeted that three of their devices will be seeing the Android Nougat release.  For those of you who have an HTC 10, HTC One A9 or HTC One M9, it is a pretty darn spiffy day.

This is great news for sure and while the HTC 10 was almost a lock to get Nougat, seeing on the One A9 and One M9 is great to see too.

HTC Commits To Android N on The HTC 10, One M9 and One A9

Great news from HTC for those of you have a One M9, One A9 or are considering a HTC 10 as your next device.  All three of these will be seeing the Android N update when it is released by Google.  The information came from HTC’s main Twitter account and it makes HTC, outside of Google, one of the first manufactures to commit to the new version of Android.

The tricky bit, of course, is when exactly it will be available.  HTC did not make that clear in their Tweet nor did they in replies to it.

HTC One A9 Now Seeing January Marshmallow Update

Owner of the unlocked variety of the HTC One A9 should start seeing the January Android Marshmallow update hitting their devices starting today.  The news comes from the companies Vice President of Product Management, Mo Versi, via Twitter earlier this morning.

The update comes about 3 weeks after the update was released from Google as HTC continues to push to be one of the fastest manufactures out with Android Marshmallow updates.

HTC One A9 Marshmallow 6.0.1 Update Released

HTC has started pushing out the Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 update to the One A9 today and owners of unlocked variants here in the US should already see the update starting to hit their phone.  The news came via the Twitter account of HTC’s Mo Versi and certainly is welcome news to owners of both the One A9 as well the One M9 which is seeing the 6.0 update roll out.



When the A9 was released, HTC committed to having Marshmallow updates out to the device within 15 days of them being released by Google.  While they are hitting the 15 day… ish mark on those releases, they are a far cry better than many other OEMs out there.  Indeed new phones being announced are still coming with Lollipop on them.

If you are curious as to what is new in the 6.0.1 update, you can read about it here and of course my review of Android Marshmallow is available at this link.

HTC One A9 on AT&T Sees Android December Update

If you are a HTC One A9 owner on AT&T, it is a good day for you.  HTC’s Mo Versi announced on Twitter last night that the December Android Marshmallow update is now starting to roll out to your device.

When they released the One A9, HTC committed to having updates out for the device 15 days after they were released from Google.  So far, they are sticking to their promise but what makes this interesting is that AT&T is involved.  The commitment from HTC was that the updates would be released for unlocked devices, not those tied to carriers.  With AT&T getting the update out just days after it was released from Google, it would seem that the carrier is working hard to get device updates out quicker, something they have sorely lacked in the past.

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