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LG G4 32GB Unlocked Down to $299 on Amazon

Over at Amazon, they are running a great deal on last year’s LG G4.  Currently you can pick up the 32GB model of the G4, unlocked, for $299.99.  That’s 48% off of the regular price of $579.99.  Sure it’s last year’s phone and sure it has been replaced with the new G5, but spec wise the G4 is rock solid and at this price, is a pretty good deal.  The LG G4 has a 5.5″ display, a MicroSD slot and a 16MP Camera.  It is definitely not a slouch.

AT&T Rolling Out Marshmallow To The LG G4

Following the release of the Android Marshmallow update to the LG G4 on Sprint and T-Mobile, AT&T has followed suite and begun rolling out the latest major build of Android to the device.  The build is MRA58K and weighs in just shy of 1GB on the download size.  If you know your Android Marshmallow builds, you will know that the MRA58K was the original posted build of Android from Google back last fall.  It is unfortunate that it isn’t the latest 6.0.1 build but at least the upgrade is released which the good news.

LG G4 Marshmallow Update Released on US Cellular

For those of you who are LG G4 owners on US Cellular here in the United States, today is a good day!  The 5th largest mobile carrier has released the Android Marshmallow update for the G4 today, bringing with it all of the goodies that it contains.  The update brings your device to v6.0 and follows in a long line of devices and cellular updates to devices over the course of the past few months.


If you by chance have not read anything on Marshmallow, take a look at my review for all the highlights but it is sufficient to say that this update is well worth the time and effort to get on to your phone.

LG G4 on Sprint Has Android Marshmallow Coming Soon

Good news from Sprint this morning for those of you who have an LG G4 on their network.  The Android Marshmallow update is rolling out to devices starting today and while it will be a phased, users should see the update in a matter of days.  The new build version from Sprint is LS991ZV9 and brings Marshmallow 6.0 to the G4 along with Sprint Global Roaming capabilities.

The good news is once again that the updates to Marshmallow appear to be taking far less time to roll out than Lollipop ever achieved and while some carriers are still dragging their feet on it (AT&T, I’m looking at you), they too are getting updates out much faster than before.  T-Mobile here in the US has probably been the best example of it.

There are some big benefits to for LG G4 owners who get the update including what I think is the killer feature of Marshmallow, Doze, along with some other nice new features.  You can read my review of Android Marshmallow to get the highlights of the release.

Android Marshmallow Starts Rolling Out To The LG G4

While those running various Nexus devices have seen or are starting to see the Android Marshmallow update come to their devices, the bigger question has always been when other manufactures would have the latest version of Android available for their devices.  Apparently, sooner rather than later.  LG announced in a press release last night that the LG G4 will be seeing Android Marshmallow starting this week in Poland and then rolling out to the rest of Europe and the Americas later.  The news is great to hear frankly as updates to devices is always a point of pain/contention for Android users.  LG at least wants to get it done and get it done quickly.

AT&T Issues Update To The LG G4

AT&T has pushed out an OTA update for customers using the carrier’s version of the LG G4.  The update, which is based on Android Lollipop, addresses multiple items within the software running on the device and brings additional security updates to it as well.  Users of the LG G4 will get notification of the update on their device and can download it over Wi-Fi or celluar.  The update is 26.5MB in size so not huge and brings the Lollipop build version to LMY47D which is Lollipop 5.1.0.

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