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LG V10 on T-Mobile Seeing An Update to Android Nougat

For those of you who have the LG V10 on the T-Mobile network here in the US, today’s a good day.  The Android Nougat 7.0 update is finally rolling out to your device and it should be hitting everyone’s V10 over the course of the next week.  The update is build H90130b for those keeping score at home and it weighs in at 1.38GB in size.  You will have to download it via Wi-Fi and you need to have at least 50% battery remaining in order to install it.

The update brings Nougat to the phone and all of the goodness that the update brings to any Android phone.  Those features include things like improved Doze, split-screen viewing and a host of other visual and performance changes.  You can read my review of it to get all the details.  You can get all of the details on this particular software release from the T-Mobile site.

LG V10 on T-Mobile To See Marshmallow Coming This Week

Good news for a Monday morning for those who have the LG V10 on the T-Mobile network.  According to T-Mobile’s product manager, Des Smith, the V10 will be seeing the Android Marshmallow update drop sometime this week.  The news came from Des via Twitter and

While a exact day that the update will come to the V10 isn’t clear, the good news is that it is coming finally.

Marshmallow Starts Rolling Out To Verizon LG V10 and Sprint Galaxy Note 5

The adoption of Android Marshmallow continues today with the release of the latest supported build of Android coming to both the Verizon LG V10 and the Sprint Galaxy Note 5.  For those of you on Verizon who have a V10, the build you are looking for is VS99022A while on Sprint, the version you want to get for your Note 5 is N920PVU2BPC3.  As with all of these update, they are rolling out in phases so it make take a day or up to a week for it to actually come to your device.  Once it does, you will have all of the benefits of Android Marshmallow including things like Doze and more robust app permissions.

LG V10 Launched With Impressive Specs

LG has pulled back their rumored LG V10 today, showing a 5.7″ QuadHD device with some pretty impressive specs.  The new LG V10 will come with Android Lollipop (I’m assuming it will be upgraded to Android Marshmallow at some point) and features dual front facing cameras and an always on feature on the display to allow users at a glance to see information like battery remaining, weather and of course the time.  When the display is on, this becomes the app launcher in what LG is calling a second screen.

Working independently, the Second Screen can be set up as an “always on” dis- play to enhance the V10’s productiveness all without impacting battery life. Set the Se- cond Screen to display the weather, time, date and battery icon when the main display is off. With the main display on, the Second Screen can be set to convert to a dedicated launching area for shortcuts or your favorite apps. What’s more, when you’re enjoying a movie or game on the V10, the Second Screen will notify you discreetly without block- ing your view when a call or text comes in. Ignoring the notification won’t distract you from your enjoyment or you can pause whatever you’re doing to respond.

It is a somewhat unique answer to getting the maximum amount of information to users without cluttering things up on the display.

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