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[Update – Upgrade Delayed] Verizon Begins Android Oreo Update Rollout for The Samsung Galaxy S7 Lineup

[Update:  Verizon has pulled the update twice now and it looks like it is on hold]

Good news this morning for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge owners on Verizon, Android Oreo is on its way.  The carrier has released the update to Oreo on their network with it rolling out to owners over the course of the next several days.  The update for each device is around 1.2GB in size so you will want to make sure you download them via WiFi.

For the Samsung Galaxy S7, you are looking for software update NRD90M.G930VVRS4BRC3 while on the S7 Edge, NRD90M.G935VVRS4BRC3 is the Oreo update for you.

Verizon Released The Android Oreo Update for the LG G6

Good news this morning for those of you who have the 2017 LG G6 on the Verizon network.  Your Android Oreo update has been released and is on its way.  The update is about 1.9GB in size so you will certainly want to download it via WiFI.  You are looking for build VS98820a according to the release notes from Verizon.

The update of course brings all the goodness of Oreo to the G6 but also brings a few refinements to the phone too such as an improve home screen layout as well as some new lock screen wallpapers for you to enjoy.

Galaxy Note8 on Sprint & Verizon Now Receiving Their Oreo Updates

Just a few days after the Android Oreo update for the Galaxy Note8 began rolling out for AT&T customers, Sprint and Verizon customers are now starting to receive the update.  It means that three of the four major carriers in the United States have begun the updating process for their customers.  Only T-Mobile remains.

For readers who are on Sprint, you are looking for build N950USQU3CRC2 for your Note8.  For those of you on Verizon, the company hasn’t officially announced the update is available so a build number is not known.  However, multiple sources have indicated that Verizon is indeed rolling out the update.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Lineup on Verizon Now Getting Updated to Android Oreo

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners on Verizon, time to start checking for a system update.  The carrier has released the Android Oreo update for both phones on their network with the roll out starting today.

For those of you who have a S8, you are looking for build R16NW.G950USQU2CRB9 while the S8+ owners are going to be getting build R16NW.G955USQU2CRB9.  In both builds, you will be getting the February Android Security Update along with Oreo.

Android Oreo Released for the LG V30 on Verizon

Verizon has released the Android Oreo update to the LG V30 on its network.  It follows the release of the update for the unlocked variant and is the first amongst carriers here in the United States to release the update.

The new build for the V30 on Verizon is VS99620a and it is a hefty 1.7GB in size.  You will need to download this update over Wi-Fi and will need to have at least 80% battery in order to install it.  You can expect a 10-15 minute install time once it is downloaded to your phone and you will need to reboot complete the install.  Once done, you will have all the goodies that Android Oreo brings.

Verizon Kills Plans to Sell Huawei Phones

Facing political pressure to scrap the deal, Verizon is dropping their plans to sell Huawei phones to their customers here in the United States.  The plan is a blow to the Chinese manufacture who suffered a similar blow from AT&T earlier this month.

The news comes from sources at Bloomberg who state the main thrust behind the decision was political pressure due to concerns about the company potentially spying for the Chinese government, something Huawei has long denied and there being no evidence from the other countries where their devices are sold as this being an issue.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 on Verizon Update Brings the January Android Security Update Patch

Verizon has released an update to the Samsung Galaxy Note8 on their network, bringing some bug fixes to the device as well as the January 2018 Android Security Update patch.  The new firmware build is version NMF26X.N950USQU3BRA5 for those keeping score at home.

With the January Android Security Update included in this update, it means that the Verizon variant of the Note8 is protected against the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities which, if for no other reason, is why owners of the phablet should get this update as soon as possible.  The update also fixes a bug where the screen would freeze during incoming calls, fixes a force closed bug when unlocking the device, and another force closed issue when the method of unlocking for the device was attempted to be changed.

Verizon Releases its Android Oreo Update for The Moto Z2 Force

Verizon has become the first US carrier to update the Moto Z2 Force to Android Oreo.  The carrier has released build ODX27.109-34 for the Z2 Force, bringing Oreo and all of its goodness to the July 2017 flagship device from Moto.

As you would expect, the update is sizable at around 900MB, making it one that you will want to download while you are WiFi and have at least 80% battery life.  Installation should take 10-15 minutes and a reboot is required.

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