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UPDATE: Verizon Lumia Icon Owners Should See Lumia Denim Soon

Update:  The Over-The-Air update for Lumia Denim on the Icon is now available.  Check your Icon by going to Settings>Phone Update to get it

For those on Verizon with the Lumia Icon, your wait is almost over.  Last night Verizon pushed out to their website a PDF outlining the benefits of Lumia Denim and Windows Phone 8.1.1 for the Lumia Icon.  This is good news albeit bittersweet.  Verizon has already said it is stopping sales of the Lumia Icon but the irony is that it could be the first device in the United States with a proper update to Denim.  This of course after Verizon never put out the Lumia Cyan update for the Icon.

Yes, my head is hitting my desk repeatedly too.

Microsoft and Verizon Working On Lumia Cyan Update

Months behind their competition, Verizon and Microsoft are finally working on the Lumia Cyan update for customers.  The news comes from Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore via his Twitter account where in two separate Tweets gives everyone an update on the update for Verizon customers.

In the first Tweet, Belfiore states that Lumia Cyan is coming to Verizon but it will be “farther off”

Joe Belfiore Tweet on VerizonThis isn’t great news for Verizon customers given that AT&T has Lumia Cyan and Windows Phone 8.1 out on their devices and T-Mobile will have it out on all of their devices shortly.    Still, I suppose it is progress.  It’s the second Tweet however that made me really scratch my head.

Lumia Cyan Rollout Guide from Nokia

Microsoft and Nokia have begun rolling out Lumia Cyan and Windows Phone 8.1 to users but, as is usually the case, it is staggered depending on your location and mobile provider.  Newer Lumia’s will have Lumia Cyan already and Windows Phone 8.1 already installed but others will need to install these updates to get the latest-and-greatest on their device.

It is important to draw a distinction however between what Lumia Cyan is and what it is not.  As I’ve been catching up on all things Windows Phone the last few weeks, there seems to be a lot of confusion on it and Windows Phone 8.1 are exactly.  Hopefully I can clear that up for you and tell you exactly where you can find out when you can expect Lumia Cyan to hit your Windows Phone.

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