UPDATE: Verizon Lumia Icon Owners Should See Lumia Denim Soon

Update:  The Over-The-Air update for Lumia Denim on the Icon is now available.  Check your Icon by going to Settings>Phone Update to get it

For those on Verizon with the Lumia Icon, your wait is almost over.  Last night Verizon pushed out to their website a PDF outlining the benefits of Lumia Denim and Windows Phone 8.1.1 for the Lumia Icon.  This is good news albeit bittersweet.  Verizon has already said it is stopping sales of the Lumia Icon but the irony is that it could be the first device in the United States with a proper update to Denim.  This of course after Verizon never put out the Lumia Cyan update for the Icon.

Yes, my head is hitting my desk repeatedly too.

What the Verizon site doesn’t say is when we can expect the Lumia Denim update to the Icon but it is going to be very soon – possibly as early as today.

As a reminder, you can read my Guide to Lumia Denim and my Lumia Denim Rollout Guide for more detailed information on the release and the rollout process.

The irony is not lost.  AT&T, who actively sells the Lumia 635 and Lumia 1520 has still not released Lumia Denim on those devices although the Lumia 830 already comes with the update on it.  It is another example of how the carriers and not Microsoft are in charge of these update rollouts, something that Redmond has suggested will change under Windows 10.  That change could not happen soon enough.  Lumia Denim was announced back in September and while many carriers and devices in Europe and APAC have seen updates, virtually none have been updated here in the North America theater.

For their part, AT&T has stated that Lumia Denim is coming “soon”.

If you have a Lumia Icon, have you seen the update yet?  Tweet me up or leave a comment and let me know how it goes.

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