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Lumia Denim Rollout Guide

Microsoft has begun rolling out Lumia Denim and Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 to users but, as is usually the case, it is staggered depending on your location and mobile provider.  Newer Lumia’s will have Lumia Denim already and Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 already installed but others will need to install these updates to get the latest-and-greatest on their device.

It is important to draw a distinction however between what Lumia Denim is and what it is not.  Hopefully I can clear that up for you and tell you exactly where you can find out when you can expect Lumia Denim to hit your Windows Phone.

How To Remove A Start Screen Folder In Lumia Denim

One of the great new features of Lumia Denim are Live folders on your Start screen on your Windows Phone.  This feature allows you to group together applications into one folder instead of having them separately scattered on your Start screen. If you are like me and have moved from iOS or Android, you know how powerful these folders can be in your day-to-day organization on your phone.

There may be a time however where you need to eliminate a Live folder on your Start screen to either save space and prevent long scrolls down your Start screen or you simply don’t need that collection of apps on your Start screen anymore.  It is easy to remove a Live folder from your Start screen but it isn’t exactly intuitive.  In this How To I will show you how to do it in just a few steps.

A Weekend With Lumia Denim

Undoubtedly most of you know by now that Lumia Denim, the next firmware version behind Windows Phone, is rolling out worldwide.  The update, which is actually a firmware (the Denim part) and software (the Windows Phone 8.1 part), is essentially only available in Europe at the moment but you can expect that it will hit the US shores in the new year.  If you are curious as to what is coming in Lumia Denim with Windows Phone 8.1 then check out my Guide to Lumia Denim.

How then, you may ask, did I get Lumia Denim on my Windows Phone?  Those of you who know me or follow me on Twitter know that last month I moved back the United States from England.  I was in the UK for two years during which time I acquired the Lumia 1320.  That phone is the country variant version of the 1320 for the UK which, you guessed it, is one of the phones that now has Lumia Denim available.  Now when you will see Lumia Denim on your phone is anyone’s guess but unless you live in Europe and have one of these country variant phones, the chances are likely it will be 2015 before you see any updates.

But I digress.

I’ve spent the weekend with Lumia Denim on my 1320 and overall it has certainly been a worthwhile upgrade.  That said, it isn’t perfect and I have run into a few issues but not enough to make me want to revert back to Lumia Cyan.

Lumia Denim Begins Rolling Out in Europe

Lumia Denim, the next major version of Windows Phone, is starting to roll out to Lumia devices in some European countries. The news of the rollout is welcome as Microsoft had stated they would begin pushing out the release before the end of 2014 and come on the back of their release of an update video on their YouTube channel yesterday.

Microsoft Releases Lumia Denim Update Video as Release Draws Near

With the release expected any day now, Microsoft has released a video on their YouTube channel on how the updating process for your Windows Phone to Lumia Denim.  The video is about 3 minutes long and covers all of the new features of the next firmware update which is pretty extensive.  You can read my guide on Lumia Denim to get the full briefing of what is coming.


A Guide To Lumia Denim

With the rollout of Lumia Denim expected to start literally in days, I thought it would be a good idea to post a guide of what you can expect in the next major release of the Lumia OS that runs on Windows Phone.   Lumia Denim is a firmware update that will eventually make its way to every Windows Phone running 8.1.  This update is sometimes referred to as Update 1 although it is unclear if Microsoft will actually call it that when the time comes to release it.  Regardless of the naming, Lumia Denim is a big update for Windows Phone users and brings forth a significant number of improvements to your Windows Phone experience.

Extras+Info App for Windows Phone Update – NOT Lumia Denim

Microsoft has released a small update to the Extras+Info app for Windows Phone that has caused a bit of a stir today in the community.  It was released a few hours ago but almost immediately rumors began floating that this was Lumia Denim, the next firmware update expected this year for Windows Phone.  Folks, this is not Lumia Denim.  It is simply an app update.

Now, what exactly was updated in Extras+Info is pretty vague in that the description highlights stability improvements.  So nothing terribly exciting.

Lumia Denim, which will bring a whole set of new features to Windows Phone, will be released later this year.

Microsoft Announces Lumia Denim

Microsoft has announced that the next version of the Nokia Lumia firmware, Lumia Denim, will start shipping with the new Lumia 830, 730 and 735 immediately with the rest of us seeing it by the end of this year.  It is an impressive statement given that many of us are still just now getting Lumia Cyan on our devices.

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