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Microsoft Previews Evernote Import Tool for OneNote

For long time Evernote users, the thought of leaving the service is daunting if for no other reason that the fear of losing notes and notebooks or, even worse, having to copy and paste all those notes into a new app.  That is the scenario that faced me at the beginning of this year.  As a long time Evernote user, my company standardized on Office 365, of which OneNote is a part of the suite.  In my case, I simply started using OneNote January 1st while I kept my notes in Evernote simply so I could avoid this problem.  Microsoft it seems has heard this dilemma from a lot of people and on Friday announced a new Evernote import tool for OneNote.

Microsoft Updates Office Apps for Android

Microsoft has released updated versions of their Office apps Excel, Word and PowerPoint for Android today with several new features and enhancements.  The apps are starting to show up in the Google Play Store and if you have the apps installed already, you should see the updates hit your devices over the course of the next few days.  While there are some unique features to Excel and PowerPoint, all three of them have received general update that users of the suite will appreciate.

Microsoft Brings Big Updates To Office Android Apps

Microsoft continues to develop and enhance their Office applications for Android and the updates this week are sure to please users of the apps.  The updates to Word, Excel and PowerPoint are all being released to the Google Play Store and you should see the updates to the apps via an OTA update in the coming days.  With that update come a lot of individual app improvements but also a universally improved sign up process for the apps.

In order to use the apps, you must have a Microsoft account.  While most of us do have one (if you have a Hotmail address then you have a Microsoft account), some don’t and previous to this update, you really couldn’t sign up easily within the apps themselves.  That has changed and now you can sign up for an account quickly and easily in any of the apps so you can get using them quickly.  Remember that to use all of the features of these apps, you will need to have an Office 365 account but can create and edit documents without it on devices 10.1″ and smaller.

My Migration to Google Docs Part 1 – The Setup

Over the course of the past month I have been in the process of trying and slowly migrating to the Google suite of Office apps:  Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides.  It started as an experiment to see if it would hold up to the compared to Office 2013, up until now, my main Office suite.  I have to say, for my work and what I need out of these applications, they work amazingly well and the transition has not been nearly as painful as I expected it would when I started this little science fair project.  In fact, it’s to the point now that I probably won’t go back for 99% of what I need to do.  Indeed this weekend I plan on uninstalling Office 2013 from my laptop because for that 1% of the time where I need something extraordinary, I can simply use Office online.

Is it the right thing to do for you?  That’s a personal decision but here is how the migration has gone for me.

This will be the first of a multi-part series I’m writing on migrating to the Google suite of Office apps.  This first part is going to cover the setup and foundation of getting your files migrated to Google Drive, setting up for offline work and using Chrome extensions.  Part 2 is going to cover Google Docs on a desktop PC, a Chromebook and the mobile apps.  Part 3 will do the same for Google Sheets while the final part will cover Google Slides.

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