Nokia 6 To Be Released Globally

Nokia 6

The rise of the phoenix that is Nokia continues as the company made some key announcements at Mobile World Congress.  First, they announced that the new Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 are soon to be available for the low and mid-range market.  The bigger news however is that their flagship device, the Nokia 6, is going to be released globally.  To this point, the 6 has only been available in China.  It will come to Europe first followed by other markets throughout the first half of the year.

This global version of the Nokia 6 is the exact same phone as the one in China but with an updated software package.  It will be running Android Nougat with Google Assistant, has a 5.5″ Full HD display, Snapdragon 430 SoC, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.  It has a dual-SIM configuration, a MicroSD slot and a 16MP rear camera with phase-detection auto focus.  Add to that a 3000mAh battery and a fingerprint scanner and you have a solid performing phone that will likely be met with open hands throughout the world.

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Nokia 6 Launches in China Running Android Nougat

Nokia 6

Nokia fans, it is official.  The company, at least in name, is back and has a brand new smartphone.  The Nokia 6 was launched with little fanfare late last week as CES 2017 wrapped up, pulling the covers back on the China exclusive phone.  HMD Global, the owners of the Nokia brand, had indicated they would be launched Android powered devices in 2017 and they let little time pass in the new year before making it happen.

The 5.5″ Android Nougat powered phone has some great specs for a phone that will retail for approximately $250 in China.  It fits well with HMD’s desire to offer well featured phones at competitive prices.  This certainly looks like a good start.

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Nokia is Dead! Long Live Nokia!

Nokia Android Concept

The rise, fall, death and now resurrection of Nokia is nearing completion.  Finland based HMD announced today that they have secured the licensing rights to the Nokia brand for the next 10 years and that a new, Android powered smartphone will be hitting the marking in the first half of 2017.  It marks a pretty staggering comeback, if only in name, to a brand that has been in the mobile phone space for decades.  After the company was bought by Microsoft and then subsequently scuttled in the debacle that has been Windows Phone, it appeared that the brand would be gone forever.

HMD is making sure that doesn’t happen.  Comprised of several former Nokia employees, the company will be manufacturing phones under the name of Nokia that will include both feature phones (which are available now) as well as Android-based Smartphones.

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HERE Maps for Windows Phone Updated

HERE Maps Icon

Nokia has pushed out a significant map update to their HERE maps app for both Android and Windows Phone.  The update does not effect the app already installed on your Windows Phone but instead is a map update which you do from within the app itself.  According to the Nokia HERE maps blog, the update is a global update to new countries, water features and public transportation maps.

HERE maps for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

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Microsoft Updates The Nokia Software Recovery Tool

Microsoft Lumia Icon

Microsoft has released an update to the Nokia Software Recovery Tool with support for newer Lumia devices.  The update, version 5.0.5 for those keeping score at home, fundamentally works the same way as it always has although there are a few minor layout changes.  If you are not familiar with this tool, it is a download that allows you to recover your Lumia phone to its original firmware configuration if your phone will not respond or is stuck in a loop.  Rarely should you need to use this if ever but the tool is there and available for free.

If you need more insight into how the tool works, read my How To on restoring your Lumia’s software.

Nokia Software Recovery Tool – Free – Microsoft

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Microsoft Launches The Nokia 215 Feature Phone

Windows Phone 8 Icon

Today Microsoft announced a new feature phone, the Nokia 215.  This Internet ready phone is a new design and aimed at connecting more people than ever before with the price of the device starting at only $29.00.  For what the Nokia 215 offers, it is pretty impressive but I have to ask:  At that price, why not get a Lumia 520 Windows Phone ?

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HERE Drive+ and HERE Maps Apps Updated To Add Support

HERE Drive+ Icon

Nokia has updated their HERE Drive+ and HERE Maps apps for Windows Phone today to allow users to create a new account for map and favorite synchronization.  The update for both apps is available now in the Windows Phone store.

With this update, users will be able to create a HERE account on where you can import your favorites from your old Nokia account so they are synced with your device and the site.  This is part of the continued separation of what remains of Nokia and the mobile division which is now owned by Microsoft.

HERE Drive+ for Windows Phone

HERE Maps for Windows Phone

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