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Skype for Windows Phone Updated With Improved Design for Hi-Res Devices

The Skype for Windows Phone app has received a minor update that those with higher resolution devices will appreciate.  The update, version for those keeping score at home, brings a new compact design which will have text much cleaner and smaller so you can view more on your display.  This has been one of the big complaints about the Skype for Windows Phone app as it stands today and it appears that they have been listening.

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Microsoft Work & Play Bundle – $149 At Microsoft Stores

Okay, so if you follow me on Twitter then you have undoubtedly seen my posts throughout the afternoon on the Microsoft Work & Play Bundle that I picked up today at my local Microsoft store here in Dallas.

I appreciate that I may be beating the proverbial dead horse.  I got it… but this is a seriously good deal peeps if you use these services from Microsoft.  Even if you use just two of these services, this is a deal that you can’t pass up.

Microsoft Lync to be rebranded Skype for Business Next Year

Microsoft today announced that next year they will be rebranding their enterprise communications app & service Lync to Skype for Business.  The move shouldn’t be a big surprise for those who follow Microsoft in the enterprise space as there has been rumors floating around this rebranding for sometime.  Skype for Business will bring both intra- and extra-company communication to enterprises and their customers on one common platform and application.

In the first half of 2015, the next version of Lync will become Skype for Business with a new client experience, new server release, and updates to the service in Office 365. We believe that Skype for Business will again transform the way people communicate by giving organizations reach to hundreds of millions of Skype users outside the walls of their business.

In addition to the platform changes, users can also expect some significant improvements around functionality including simplified one-click telephony (assuming you have the appropriate licensing in place).

Skype for Windows Phone Update Brings Doodling

The latest update to the Skype for Windows Phone app has just gone live in the Windows Phone Store and it brings a very cool new doodling feature.  The update, version for those keeping score, brings several new features including the new drawing function.  There is also support for HD screens and improved third-party app access to Skype amongst the new features.

First and foremost with the new app, which is universal for Windows and Windows Phone, is the new drawings function.  Now you can add a drawing to a message by tapping the + icon next to where you normally type then select Share Drawing.  On your Windows PC, Tablet or Windows Phone, draw out your message or picture then send it.  You can also send annotated maps.

Skype for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

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