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The Best Windows Experience on Microsoft Hardware – Why It Should Happen

I will preface this post with a disclaimer to start in an effort to ward off the flaming emails.  The purpose of this post is not to suggest that Microsoft should get rid of their current ecosystem of partners.  It is too fast and far to important to the company and the success of their solutions.  All you have to do is look at the all new Dell XPS 13 laptop and read the raving reviews it is getting to understand just how important OEMs are in the mix for Microsoft.

But equally, you can look at the Microsoft built and branded devices and see where the company could and should be more actively involved in hardware manufacturing.  I’m not talking about mice and keyboards (although they do a pretty good job at that too) but rather things like the Microsoft Lumia lineup and the Surface Pro 3.  Arguably the best Windows experience for their form factor are on these devices because Microsoft has intimately been involved in the hardware design of them to get the most out of the Operating System.  Even with the Microsoft Band, a device that is near impossible to get because they can’t keep them in stock, produces a great experience for users.  And while user experience is important, there is also the matter of controlling their own destiny when it comes to updates and improvements along with security.  All of these are why I think Microsoft should look long and hard at the PC and Laptop market for their own branded devices.

Apple Got The Post-PC Era Wrong. Proof? Microsoft Surface

For the past three-odd years, Apple has been telling the world a version of the truth that may not stand up to reality.  Some would refer to this as a lie.  I think that’s a bit harsh.  It’s more of a case of believing your own story.  I’m from Texas.  We have a slightly more colorful way of saying this but I’m trying to be family friendly here peeps.

With the introduction of the iPad the Cupertino company began pointing out that we live in a post-PC world where tablets will be the direction of travel for the industry.  And let’s be honest and give them their due.  They have done a phenominal job of marketing the iPad and the post-PC mythology.  But the myth isn’t quite living up to reality and all you have to do is look at the Microsoft Surface numbers for this past quarter from Microsoft to see it.  The Surface division recorded $908 million in revenue for the company last quarter.

That doesn’t sound very post-PC to me.  That sounds like people wanted a better PC experience and that is exactly what Microsoft has delivered with Surface, specifically the Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft Releases Two New Surface Pro 3 Ads

Microsoft has released two new ads for the Surface Pro 3, both highlighting how the table helps businesses gain efficiencies and productivity.  The ads, which are on the Microsoft YouTube channel, are between 1 and 2 minutes in length and highlight the power and productivity that the tablet brings in two very different business scenarios.

The first video is for Watersports Central.

With Surface Pro 3, Watersports Central is able to provide its customers with a unique premium sales experience. Armed with a Surface Pro 3, sales staff are able to meet customers wherever they are and complete the sales process without ever having to set foot into an office.

Student Discount on Surface Pro 3 at Microsoft Store

If you are a student or educator, Microsoft has a nice promotion running for you as you prepare for the upcoming school year.  Right now through the Microsoft Store website you can get a Surface Pro 3 for as low as $650 US or £575 BPS.  The discount is only available through the online store and proof of being in an education facility is required.

The student discounting represents $150 US off the regular price of the Surface 3, which usually start at $799 for the 64GB/4GB RAM/ i5 Intel Processor units.

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