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Digitimes Expects Windows Phone to Take 6.2% of The Market in 2012


Digitimes has posted what they expect for the smartphone market in 2012 and they see Windows Phone taking a sizably bigger chunk of the market than it did in 2011.

While the market is still dominated by Android-based devices, Windows Phone is expected to take 6.2% of the smartphone market in the coming year.  Given that Windows Phone currently sits at about 1.5% of the market, that is a monumental leap forward – 242% increase to be exact.  Is it possible?  Absolutely.

2012 is going to the year that sees Nokia bring their full Windows Phone line to market.  Remember that Nokia is still the #1 selling brand of phone in the world.  They know how to sell devices and it is evident in their marketing plans for the Lumia 710 and 800 that they mean business with their new Windows Phones.  In January we should see the first Nokia Windows Phones here in the US which I personally expect to see a huge amount of marketing around it both from Nokia themselves and the carriers.

With the push that Nokia is making it is well within the possibility that Windows Phone could end 2012 with over 6% marketshare.

Read the full post over at Digitimes then tell me what you think?  Do you think 6.2% for 2012 is possible?  Ludicrous?  Selling it short?  Comment here or send me a Tweet.

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Paul Thurott Discusses How Microsoft Can Fix Windows Phone in 2012


One of the most ‘in tune” people in my opinion with Microsoft, Windows and Windows Phone is Paul Thurrott.  If you aren’t familiar with who he is, check out his site, Super Site Windows or you can check him out with Mary-Jo Foley and Leo Laporte on Windows Weekly on TWiT.

Last year on his site Paul posted an article on what Microsoft needed to do to get Windows Phone right in 2011.  If you look at the list, Microsoft pretty much got it all done.  Now he has posted an article on what Microsoft needs to do in 2012 to fix Windows Phone and really establish it in the market.

He has a good list of things that need to be addressed by Microsoft in 2012 for the platform to be successful and I generally agree with most of them.  Give the article a read and see what you think.  Do you agree?  What do you see as Windows Phone’s biggest stumbling block to success in 2012?



New Windows Phone for Christmas? Check Out The How To’s for Help


For many of you, today is the first day since the Christmas holiday this weekend to get back online and do some post holiday shopping or searching for information on your latest gadget.  If you are the proud owner of a Windows Phone, congratulations and welcome to the community!

If you are moving from a feature phone or another smartphone (Android or iPhone), then this Windows Phone experience will be somewhat of a left turn for you.  It’s different.  A lot different.  You’ve probably already figured that out but just in case the whole Live Tile start screen thing didn’t tell you… this is a lot different! :-)

Over the course of the past year I’ve put together a series of How To’s for Windows Phone.  Some of these are basic while others are more advanced but they are all designed to help you get a handle on the new experience that is Windows Phone.  The How To’s are generally Windows Phone focused and not device specific.  That said, there are some specific How To’s for HTC and Samsung phones but only one or two.

To get to all of the How To’s here on, just navigate to the How To section in the left-hand side bar.  And of course you can always post a question on Twitter or here on the site.

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An Open Letter to Windows Phone Developers: Update Your Apps! [Opinion]


Dear Developers of Windows Phone Applications,

I would like to share a frustration with some of you both big and small, independents and full-blown development houses.  Update your apps for Windows Phone.

As I’m sure you are aware, Microsoft and the respective carriers throughout the world have completed the rollout of the latest update to Windows Phone, version 7.5 or “Mango”.  This update brings a host of new features and functionality to the platform including multitasking, improved live tile support and overall user functionality improvements.  It’s a big step in the right direction for Microsoft.

But now months later as I look through the Windows Phone Marketplace I find apps and reviews of those apps that point out apps that either do not work well with Mango or work but do not support the new features.  This is frustrating to say the very least.  I’ll give all of you a great example.  Netflix.  Sorry Netflix, you just happened to be the last app I tried and ran into a problem so you drew the lucky straw.  The Netflix app was released to the Marketplace on October 18, 2010 and currently sits at version 1.6.  The last update was early this year.  That means that you don’t support multitasking.  What does that mean?  If I go to another app when I’m watching a moving on Netflix, your app starts me back at the beginning of my movie.  Two hours and fifteen minutes into The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, this becomes rather irritating.  Trust me.

But before all of you developers point and laugh at Nextflix, many of you are in the same position.  Tripit, or more accurately your parent company Concur.  Really?  Your app is so buggy in Mango that the only way you can get it to work is to lower the complexity of your password on Tripit.  That is not a viable answer thank you very much.

DirectTV?  Listening?

There are countless others in the Marketplace that are in desperate need of updating.  Interestingly I do not see this problem in the iTunes app store.  Seems you are all able to update your apps on that platform.  Which may mean that Microsoft needs to be a little more draconian to get updates done?  Not sure but I’m betting Apple is far less tolerant of this than Microsoft.

Speaking of Microsoft.  I recall you purchasing a little company by the name of Skype.  I see Skype on Android and iPhone but… oh, no Windows Phone version.  Seriously?  Don’t tell me it’s the whole not-many-devices-with-front-facing-cameras thing because I’m not buying it.  Somehow Skype didn’t see this as a problem as far back as the iPhone 3G which, oh yeah, didn’t have a front facing camera.

To be fair, some of you have updated your apps to support Mango.  Rowi, great Twitter app fellas.  The updates are awesome and I love your Live Tile.  NextGen Reader, ditto.  Best RSS reader out there I think.  4th & Mayor creator Jeff Wilcox, keep up the great work man.

So developers, time to step up.  Update your apps to support Mango.  You’ll benefit and so will we, those who actually use your apps.



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Official App for Windows Phone Released


In the flurry of new apps this week, another major release hit the Marketplace., the popular technology site, released their official shopping app for Windows Phone.  The app brings all of the things that I personally love about Newegg including great product descriptions and photos, reviews from buyers of that product (over 1.7 million reviews) and quick, in-app purchasing.  The app ties in with your account so purchasing is quick and easy – which is a good thing, right? :-D

In using the app I found it very snappy on my Samsung Focus and easy to navigate and find products.  It seems that Newegg paid a lot of attention to making the navigation and user interface simple but effective.

Newegg app for Windows Phone

Newegg app for Windows Phone

Here are some of the highlights of the Newegg app:

- Comprehensive product specifications.
- 1.7+ millions customer reviews.
- Detailed item image gallery.
- Quick and simple shopping flow.
- Simple and quick search function.
* Search by category
* Guided search
* Advanced search
* Sorting
- Good for deal hunting: Shell Shockers, Daily Deals and Free Shipping.
- All purchases made on Newegg Mobile are routed through Newegg’s secure servers.

The app is free and available now in the Marketplace with a five star rating

Get the Newegg app in the Marketplace

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