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Nokia Lumia 710 Now on T-Mobile Website – Not Available Yet


US carrier T-Mobile has now put up on their website the Lumia 710 from Nokia.  The new Windows Phone was the subject of some outstanding deals this holiday season, going for $49.99 with a 2 year contract and really aims to be the low cost offering from Nokia in their Windows Phone lineup.

T-Mobile Website Screenshot

T-Mobile Website Screenshot

As you can see from the screenshot of the T-Mobile site I captured this morning, the Lumia 710 is being made available in Black and White models but there is no pricing information, only that it is “coming soon”.  Hopefully it will be that same low price as during the holidays for T-Mobile users who want a Lumia 710 or for those who are thinking of moving to T-Mobile.



WFAA Updates Windows Phone App for Dallas-Fort Worth Locals


I fully realize that for probably 99% of you this is no big deal given that you do not live in the Dallas area.  However, it does speak to a larger challenge with Windows Phone.  The Dallas-Fort Worth local ABC affiliate WFAA has released an update to their Windows Phone app.  The update has been needed for a long, long, looooong time (until last week it STILL had the Super Bowl tab from last year in it).  Finally it has happened and that along with a slew of other stability updates has made this a nice little app.

Get the WFAA app in the Marketplace

The tidbit for all of you not in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is that this app update speaks to a larger problem.  If you look in the Android Marketplace or the iTunes App Store you will see dozens of local news and information apps for virtually any major metro area.  Windows Phone?  Not so much.  In fact for Dallas, there is only one local news station app (WFAA).  In searching other metro areas, the story is similar.  These are the types of apps that need to be developed for Windows Phone to gain success.

What can you do?  Follow your local news station on Twitter (almost all of them have them) and ask them to develop a Windows Phone app.  If enough people ask, they will do it.


Leaked Windows Phone Roadmap Shows Future Strategy from Microsoft


WMPoweruser has got their hands on the proposed roadmap of Windows Phone and it looks pretty interesting.  The roadmap image starts with the original Windows Phone GA (General Availability) and goes through 2012 with the release of the codenamed product Apollo.

Leaked Windows Phone Roadmap

Leaked Windows Phone Roadmap (Courtesy of WMPowerUser)

Mid 2012 we can expect Tango which seems to be focusing on bringing Windows Phone to the masses with lower cost products from manufactures.  This is a good move in my book.  I’ve talked to a lot of friends and family about Windows Phone and they like it…. but can’t get past the $199 for a new phone.  If they can get the price point down to $49.99 or the like (as T-Mobile has done this holiday season with the HTC Radar and Lumia 710) then they will get it into the hands of the masses.

The next big update is slated for late next year and is codenamed Apollo.  This update appears to be really driving for mass adoption and to increase the overall sales volume of the platform and to point out competitive differentiators.  They also appear to be focusing on more advanced hardware (perhaps dual core processors?) and the needs of businesses (perhaps better encryption support?).

As with any roadmap it is subject to change and shifting but the information obtained by WMPowerUser seems to fit with other rumors that have been floating about over the past few weeks.  Taken at face value, it is clear that Microsoft plans to make a significant push on Windows Phone next year.  Couple that with the push Nokia is having on the platform with their Lumia lineup and that 6.2% marketshare by the end of next year isn’t a pipe dream.  It could really happen.

Source:  WMPowerUser


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Windows Phone Marketplace Top 50,000 Apps


All About Windows Phone is reporting that the Marketplace for Windows Phone has hit the 50,000 app and game submitted milestone.  This is a significant achievement especially considering how fast this level was reached.  It took a full year for the Marketplace to hit 40,000 apps but only took 40 days to from that point to hit 50,000.  Even more interesting, it took Windows Phone significantly less time than the Android marketplace to reach the 50K mark.  Windows Phone did it in just under 14 months while Android took 19 months to hit the mark.  iOS is still the leader however, reaching 50,000 apps in 12 months.

Rafe and team over at AAWP have put together an impressive set of graphs and breakdowns of the marketplace apps and historical information.  I encourage all of you to read it.

Windows Phone Marketplace Apps By Category

Windows Phone Marketplace Apps By Category


The rate of apps being submitted is during the last 4 weeks has been 265 apps per day!  That is a stunning number when you think about it.  There is a lot of developer attention on the platform now which is great to see.

Clearly all of this points to a great start for 2012 for the platform.  Let’s see if 60,000 apps can be hit in early February!

Source:  All About Windows Phone

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Klout Score App Coming to The Marketplace Next Week for Windows Phone


Klout, the influence measuring site and service, has quickly become a key social networking locale for people from virtually every walk of life.  Klout measures how much you impact a particular topic or group of people through various social networking channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and many others.  If you haven’t check it out, you should at

Developer Julien Dollon has been working on a Klout app, aptly named Klout Score, for Windows Phone and it is expected to drop into the Marketplace next week.  If it holds up, it would be the first Klout app for Windows Phone and only the 2nd that I know of (there is one for Android but none for iOS).  According to Julien’s site, the app will give you all the information about your Klout score that you get from the site itself.  This includes your topics, those you influence and those who influence you and details on your Klout score.

Klout Score App from Julien Dollon

Klout Score App from Julien Dollon

Look for the app to hit the Marketplace next week.

[Update] – Richard Hay commented that there are some Klout related apps in the Marketplace.  I missed those this morning in the original post.  Thanks Richard for setting me straight! :-)


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