OneDrive for Windows Phone Gains Recycle Bin Access

Microsoft has released an update to the OneDrive for Windows Phone app, bringing on device access to your recycle bin in the cloud based storage service.  To this point, in order to access your Recycle Bin, you had to visit the OneDrive website.  This is no longer the case for Windows Phone users.

The updated OneDrive for Windows Phone is version 4.3 for those keeping score and aside from the added Recycle Bin support, Microsoft states that there are other “bug fixes” in the release.  What those fixes are exactly is unknown but likely are around keeping the app stable.

OneDrive for Windows Phone – Free

Vivino Wine Scanner App for Windows Phone Review

I love wine but I fully admit that I’m a bit of a neanderthal when it comes to being able to pick a good wine from a not-so-good wine.  As I have discovered, price isn’t necessarily a reflection of a wine that is good and there is certainly an element of personal tastes that come into the picture.  Compounding my problem is when I go to my local grocer or “bottle store” (AKA Liquor Store), there is a dizzying number of wines of all times and all price ranges.  Regardless of your wine selecting skills, there is a great app that can help you find that perfect wine as you stand there looking at a wall of bottles.  The Vivino Wine Scanner app allows you to scan the label of any wine and instantly get peer ratings, price ranges and reviews of that wine.  It helps eliminate the guess work so you can find wines you like at a price that is right.

The Vivino Wine Scanner app is one of those apps that just makes life easier.  It works amazingly well and I’ve yet to find a bottle of wine that it didn’t recognise.  Literally all you do is snap a photo of the label of the wine bottle and it does all the work of giving you information about that wine.  It has become my favourite app to use while I’m stood in my grocer trying to find that bottle of wine that goes with that meal.

Vivino Wine Scanner – Free – Download Now

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Update Released

For those in the Windows Phone Preview for Developer program, a new update to Windows Phone 8.1. Update 1 is now available for download.  The build number for this release is 8.10.14157.200 and is available to everyone in the program.  Remember that you can join the Preview for Developer program for free by downloading the app and registering your device.  More details at the end of this post.

HTC One M8 Windows Launched

As has been expected for several weeks now, HTC made a big push back into Windows Phone today with the announcement of the HTC One M8 Windows.  The new phone, available on Verizon in the United States and to other carriers later this year, is identical to the Android-based M8 and brings all the 5″ display goodness of that device to our favourite Little OS That Could.

Spec wise the HTC One W8 is identical to the M8.  It is the same hardware and there has even been speculation that if you were able to bootstrap the phone you could load either Android or Windows Phone onto the device.  The W8 features the same 5″ high resolution display as the M8, BOOM sound and even brings the Dot Case clock to the phone, something that is unique to the M8 until now.  

Cortana Already Ahead of Siri – By A Long Way

I have spent the better part of the last three weeks I have all but completely immersed myself in Windows Phone having been exclusively iOS for the past four years.  I’ve tried to turn every knob, pull every lever and use every feature not only so I can share that here but also I can get myself back into the swing of this platform.  In the middle of all this fun came Windows Phone 8.1 and then, for me, Update 1 via the Preview for Developer app.  That meant that for me living in the UK, I could sample Cortana, the new personal assistant from Microsoft.

After getting Update 1 installed on my Lumia 1320, what is the first thing I do?  I test out Cortana of course!  What’s the second thing I do?  Compare it to Siri of course.  The results?  Cortana pretty much kicks Siri to the curb.  Every time.