Gottabemobile Discusses The HTC Titan Battery Life & Camera

My good friend Chris Leckness over at Gottabemobile has posted a great article on the battery life of the new HTC Titan Windows Phone.  Chris actually covers two aspects of this latest offering from HTC and AT&T by covering the battery life in the real world and covering the impressive 8MP camera in the Titan.  The results?  Pretty darn impressive if you ask me.  50% battery life left after a 12 day of moderate use.  As I pointed out in my How To Save Your Windows Phone Battery Power article, Chris utilized the battery saving feature that is now included in Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) OS.

Read the full article over at Gottabemobile and check out the great camera shots Chris has put in the article as well.  I think this will prove to be one of the best cameras built into a Windows Phone to date.


How To Save Your Windows Phone Battery Power

If there is a dark side of all our computing power, social networking and email-on-all-the-time, it is the impact this has on battery power.  This challenge has remained throughout many devices on multiple platforms and Windows Phone is no exception.  I jokingly stated on Twitter last night that 4G will only add to this problem.  Fortunately with the release of Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango), Microsoft has built in a way to save that precious battery power.  It is called the Battery Saver in your phone’s setup and in this How To I will show you how to set that up along with another battery saving tip.

This How To only applies to Windows Phones powered by the 7.5 update (Mango) as the feature I’m describing was added in Mango.

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Check Out Windows Phone 7 Wallpapers for Great Wallpapers for Your Phone

If you are looking for free but high quality wallpapers for your Windows Phone, look no further than Windows Phone 7 Wallpapers.  This site is relatively new but already has an impressive collection of wallpapers in a wide range of categories.  What makes the site unique though is how you download the wallpapers to your phone.

Most sites require that you download the wallpaper image that you want then sync it to your  Phone via Zune to get it on your device.  WP 7 Wallpapers for  has made it much easier.  Each wallpaper image has a Microsoft Tag image next to it.  By using the Microsoft Tag App on your Windows Phone or Bing Vision on your Windows Phone running Mango, you can scan the tag and download it directly to your phone.  Quick and easy!

Windows Phone 7 Wallpapers
Windows Phone 7 Wallpapers

To be sure there are some wallpapers offered on the site that are a bit risqué so parents should be aware.  Overall the quality of the wallpapers is impressive and the collection is growing rapidly.

Check out Windows Phone 7 Wallpapers


Looking for Windows Phone Help? Check out Microsoft Answers

Whether you are a long time Windows Phone user or a newbie, there are a lot of great places to get news, tips, how to’s and information.  If you look on my site you will see a blog list on the right that features many of the top Windows Phone related sites.  One of the new ones is Microsoft Answers.  Microsoft Answers is the latest iteration of what use to be the Microsoft Newsgroups.  It is here that you can post questions and get answers for experts.

The Microsoft Answers site is moderated by Microsoft and you will see Microsoft experts post from time to time in the various forums.  However most of the answers will come from MVPs – both former and current – on Windows Phone.  MVPs, or Most Valuable Professionals, are people noted by Microsoft themselves as being experts on a subject.  I was a MVP in Windows Phone for 5 years.  So don’t be surprised when you see postings from the likes of Jack Cook, Prof Julie and others who have vast amounts of expertise and experience with Windows Phone.

Check out the Microsoft Answers Forums if you have a question or run into a challenge with your Windows Phone.

Twitter App for Windows Phone Gets Another Update

For the second time in less than a week, Twitter has released an update to their official app for Windows Phone.  What it contains is… well, that’s actually a good question.  I have no idea what it fixes, changes or adds to the app and frankly it doesn’t seem anyone else does either.  I’ve asked fellow bloggers at different Windows Phone sites if they have seen anything new since the release earlier in the week and none have been able to find anything new.  I can only assume it is a bug fix of some type.

What I do know is that this 2nd release still doesn’t support Live tiles or does it allow you to pin things like your Timeline or Mentions onto your Start screen.  It does support task switching in Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) but that seems to be the only thing that it does support in the new OS at this point.

You can get Twitter in the Marketplace at this link.

By-the-way, if you need Live tile support check out Hidden Pineapple’s Rowi.  Rowi is $2.99 in the Marketplace and was recommended to me by my friend Johan over at Mobility Minded.  It is great and having had a glimpse at the beta, it is only going to get better.  Well worth the price.  You can get Rowi at this link and can follow Rowi on Twitter at @rowiapp

HTC Titan in AT&T Stores in Limited Quantities

AT&T icon

The new HTC Titan Windows Phone hit the AT&T online store yesterday and is expected to be in AT&T retail stores today.  If you are wanting to check it out in person though, call ahead.  All indications are that there will be a limited number of the phones available.  This is mainly due to the low production of the devices but also AT&T is likely hedging their bets a little so they do not end up with mass inventory in their stores.

I would also recommend that you call on AT&T owned stores, not authorized resellers.  The authorized stores likely will not have the phones at all unless that is your only option in your city.

To find the closest AT&T store to you, go to and search AT&T

If you want to order online, you can click the AT&T logo below.



4th & Mayor Foursquare App for Windows Phone Gets Major Update

The wait is finally over!  Jeff Wilcox, the Microsoft employee who has developed the Foursquare app 4th & Mayor for Windows Phone has released version 3.0 of the popular app.  The new version supports all the fun things Mango brings to Windows Phone including Live Tiles and the ability to pin friends, yourself and even a quick check-in tile to your Start screen.

4th & Mayor requires that you have a Foursquare account, which is free.  The app itself is also free.

A full review of 4th & Mayor will be coming later this week.